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Suffix appended to words to create a feminine noun, usually a diminutive form expressing endearment.

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disketna j-cafloppy drive

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Kuća Moody' s, koja je prije nekih mjesec dana snizila rejting Grčke na nivo Ca, samo jedan korak do državnog bankrota, upozorila je u ponedjeljak da bi proširenje kolateralnih aranžmana i na druge učesnice bilo kreditno negativno za tu zemljuMoody 's, which lowered Greece 's rating to Ca, just one step above default, about a month ago, cautioned on Monday that a proliferation of collateral deals would be credit-negative for the country
ca. ulica Builders. brojrd Builders street
ca ulica Buildersrd Builders street
Agencija za kreditni rejting Moody' s Investors Service u ponedjeljak ( ‧ jula) oborila je rejting za vanjski dug Grčke za tri stepena, sa Caa ‧ na Ca, što je dva stepena iznad bankrotaRating agency Moody 's Investors Service on Monday (July ‧ th) cut Greece 's sovereign debt rating by three notches from Caa ‧ to Ca, two notches from a default rating
' Tri prosla, deset ca ide' Third down with ten to go
On je skresao kreditni rejting Grčke za tri poena, sa nivoa Caa ‧ na nivo Ca, samo jedan poen do stanja pred bankrotIt cut Greece 's credit ratings by three notches to Ca from Caa ‧ just one notch above default
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