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  • acacia       
    (noun   )
  • wattle   
    (noun   )

Other meanings:

Plural form of Akazie.

Similar phrases in dictionary German English. (6)

Akaziecatclaw; ; babul; thorn; wattle; acacia; locust; sponge tree
Falsche Akazierobinia pseudoacacia; False acacia; locust tree; acacia; robinia; black locust
silberne akaziesilver wattle

Example sentences with "Akazien", translation memory

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Fuer die falsche Akazie <‧> benutzenFor false acacias use
Akazien-, Kastanien-, Baumheideblüten- und Waldhonig, die aus nahezu unbefleckten Gebieten der Macchia Mediterranea gewonnen werden.The honey of acacia, chestnut, heather and honeydew obtained by the Mediterranean maquis: an almost uncontaminated environment.
Lebhafter und anregender Geschmack, der Duft errinert an Zitrusfrüchte, Zeder und Akazie.It has a picturesque and refreshing flavour, and its smell distinctly recalls citrus, cedar, and acacia.
Die Waldbäume – die Akazien (Acacia), Topola (willow) usw und die dekorativen Pflanzen als Thuja, aber die anderen dekorativen Pflanzen.The seedlings of forest trees, especially Akacia (Acacia), Topola (wilow) e.t.c. and the decoratively plants as Thuja, but also and many other sorts of these plants.
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