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  • where are you from   
    (Phrase  )
    in which country or region were you born or raised

Example sentences with "wo kommst du her", translation memory

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Von wo in Kanada kommst du her?Where in Canada are you from?
Wo kommst du her?Where are you from?
Paden, wo kommst du denn her?Paden, where have you been?
Wo kommst du denn her, Muzaffer?What a surprise to see you
Wo kommst du gerade her?Where are you coming f rom?
Wo kommst du denn her?What have you been up to?
Wo kommst du denn her, Mann?!Surely?!Where you from, man?!
Wo kommst du denn her?Tell me where you' ve been
OK, dann, äh..., wo kommst du her?OK, so, uh, where are you coming from?
He, wo kommst du her?Hey, where are you from?
Wo kommst du her?Where did you come from?
Wo kommst du her?Von wo?where are you from?! where?!
Wo kommst du denn her?-.. bewirtete den KosakenWhere have you sprung from?-.. and served it up to the Cossack
Wo kommst du her?So where are you from?
Wo kommst du denn her?Where' d you come from?
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