Translations into Afrikaans:

  • boetekaartjie   
  • boete   
  • minute   

Other meanings:

(uncountable) The official notes kept during a meeting.
Plural form of minute.

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15 minutes of famevyftien minute van roem
a few minutesewe

Example sentences with "minutes", translation memory

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Words per minuteWoord per minuut
Enter the number of hours and minutes between repetitions of the alarmInvoer die tyd (in ure en minute) tussen repitisies van die alarm. On: Tuesday
Here you can change the system time. Click into the hours, minutes or seconds field to change the relevant value, either using the up and down buttons to the right or by entering a new valueHier kan u die stelsel tyd verander. Kliek binne-in die ure, minute of sekondes veld om die relevante waarde te verander deur òf die op en af knoppies te gebruik na die regterkant of deur ' n nuwe waarde in te tik
TIME(hours; minutes; secondsTyd(ure; minute; sekondes
The MINUTE functions returns the minutes of a time. If no parameter is specified the current minute is returnedDie Kolom funksie gee terug Die Kolom van gegewe sel verwysing. As nee parameter is gespesifiseer Die Kolom van Die huidige sel besit teruggestuur
Characters per minuteKarakter per minuut
This shows how fast you are typing. It measures the typing speed in characters per minuteHierdie vertoon hoe vinnige jy word te tik. Dit meet Dit in karakters per minuut
Save & interval in minutesStoor interval in minute
Please select from the 'Minutes ' sectionAsseblief invoer die veranderlike naam
Autosave delay (minutesOutostoor (min
SEXDEC(time value) or SEXDEC(hours; minutes; secondsSexdec(tyd waarde) of Sexdec(ure; minute; sekondes
Save interval in minutesStoor interval in minute
Beats Per MinuteSlae Per Minuut
The update interval (in minutes) defining how often the feeds are updatedcolor of the scrolling text
MINUTE("‧:‧ ") returnsMinute (" ‧: ‧: ‧ ") gee terug
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