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  • aanhalingstekens   

Other meanings:

Quotation marks.
Plural form of quote.
Third-person singular simple present indicative form of quote.

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Unable to open file & quot; %‧quotNie moontlik na open lêer & quot; % ‧quot;!
& Remove Quote CharactersVerwyder Aangaling Karakters
He suggested that this morning, to capture what he considers the essence of the reality confronting us, I should recall the well-known words with which Charles Dickens opened his novel, A Tale of Two Cities. And so I quote these wordsHy het voorgestel dat ek die welbekende woorde waarmee Charles Dickens sy novelle A Tale of Two Cities geopen het, aanhaal om die werklikheid wat ons in die gesig staar, vas te vang. Ek haal dus hierdie woorde aan wat hy vir my in A Tale of Two Cities gevind het
Quoted Text-Third levelAangehaalde Teks-Derde vlak
Cannot open the file & quot; %‧quot; for writing; try again?Kan nie installeer lêer & quot; % ‧quot;!
Replace double quotes with typographical quotesVervang dubbel kwotasies met tipografiese kwotasies
Quoted Message TextSkuif boodskappe
Recognized quote charactersHerken aangaling karakters
Rewrap quoted text automaticallyHeromvou aangehaalde teks automaties
Select which KAddressBook field should be used to store the Pilot 's & quot; Otherquot; phone hereKies wat veld in K-adresboek moet wees gebruik word na stoor die Faks nommer van die Pilot
Reply Without & QuoteBeantwoord sonder Aanhalingstekens
Reply Without QuoteBeantwoord sonder Aanhalingstekens
We recall the words of Madiba on his release, when he said and I quoteOns onthou vandag die woorde van Madiba ten tyde van sy vrylating, en ek haal aan
The requested filenames %‧ do not appear to be valid; make sure every filename is enclosed in double quotesDie versoekte lêername % ‧ blyk nie geldig te wees nie; Maak seker elke lêernaam is omsluit in dubbel aanhalings
Do not add the quot; User-Agentquot; identification headerMoet nie voeg by die " User-Agent " identifikasie opskrif
We are guided by what Madiba said in the dock, that and I quoteOns word gelei deur dìt wat Madiba in die beskuldigdebank gesê het, en ek haal aan
Quote charactersBoodskap Lyf
Quoted Text-First levelAangehaalde Teks-Eerste vlak
Cannot install file & quot; %‧quotKan nie installeer lêer & quot; % ‧quot;!
Remove Quote CharactersVerwyder Aangaling Karakters
Add Quote CharactersVoeg by Aangaling Karakters
You can do cool sed-like regular expression replacements using Command Line. For example, press F‧ and enter s/oldtext/newtext/g to replace quot; oldtextquot; with quot; newtextquot; throughout the current lineJy kan sed-tipe natuurlike uitdrukking vervanging doen deur die Opdrag lyn te gebruik. Bv. druk F‧ en voer s/oldtext/newtext/g in om quote; ou teksqout; met quot; nuwe teksquot; dwarsdeur die huidige lyn te vervang
The database in & quot; %‧quot; has a resource name that is longer than ‧ characters. This suggests a bug in the tool used to create the database. KPilot cannot install this databaseA common name
Add & Quote CharactersVoeg by Aangaling Karakters
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