pronunciation: IPA: skwɛə(r) /skwɛə(r)/ , SAMPA: /skwE@(r)/ skwE@(r)      

Translations into Afrikaans:

  • vierkant   
    A two dimensional polygon with four equal sides and four right angles.
  • afdeling   
  • boereplaas   
  • plaas   
  • reghoekig   
  • vak   
  • baantjie   
  • betrekking   
  • direk   
  • kwytskeld   
  • loslaat   
  • plek   
  • pos   
  • regop   
  • vergewe   
  • vrylaat   
  • vryspreek   
  • vryverklaar   

Other meanings:

socially conventional
shaped like a square
(colloquial, US) A square meal.
An L- or T-shaped tool used to place objects or draw lines at right angles.
(mathematics) The second power of a number, value, term or expression.
(cricket) The central area of a cricket field, containing several pitches laid out next to one another - only one being used at a time.
to resolve
slang: socially conventional person
in the names of units
(UK) The symbol # on a telephone; hash.
(cricket) in line with the batsman's popping crease.
At right angles to.
To resolve.
(academia) A mortarboard
second power
to adjust something so that aligns with or is a right angle to something else
(roofing) A unit used in measuring roof area equivalent to 100 square feet (9.29 m2) of roof area.
square (or cube)
(slang) A socially conventional person; typically associated with the 1950s
symbol on a telephone
(transitive) To draw, with a pair of compasses and a straightedge only, a square with the same area as.
Delimited area on a game board, a form or in a table
Honest; straightforward.
Correctly aligned with respect to something else
(transitive, mathematics) Of a value, term, or expression, to multiply by itself; to raise to the second power.
Any simple object with four nearly straight and nearly equal sides meeting at nearly right angles.
A cell in a grid.
Used in the names of units of area formed by multiplying a unit of length by itself.
(geometry) A polygon with four sides of equal length and four angles of 90 degrees; a regular quadrilateral whose angles are all 90 degrees.
(North America) A dessert cut into rectangular pieces, or a piece of such a dessert.
Mathematics: to multiply a value, term, or expression by itself.
(slang) Socially conventional; boring.
open space in a town
(real estate jargon) A unit of measurement of area, equal to a 10 foot by 10 foot square, ie. 100 square feet or roughly 9.3 square metres. Used in real estate for the size of a house or its rooms, though progressively being replaced by square metres in metric countries such as Australia.
math: to multiply by itself
Shaped like a square (the polygon).
Even; tied
(transitive) To adjust so as to align with or place at a right angle to something else.
An open space in a town, not necessarily square in shape, often containing trees, seating and other features pleasing to the eye.
square (e.g. metre)
To adjust or adapt so as to bring into harmony with something.
Having the shape of a square (the polygone).
a cell in a grid
An open area in a town, sometimes including the surrounding buildings.
at right angles to

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Church SquareKerkplein
public squareplek; baantjie; betrekking; pos
R-squared valueR-kwadraat-waarde
square decametreare
square metrevierkante meter
Square-tailed DrongoKleinbyvanger

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The SUMX‧PY‧() function (SUM(X^‧+Y^‧)) returns the sum of the squares of these values. The number of values in the two arrays should be equal. Otherwise this function returns ErrDie Sumx‧py‧ () funksie (Som(X^‧+Y^‧)) gee terug Die Som van Die vierkante van hierdie waardes. Die nommer van waardes in Die twee skikkings moet wees gelyk. Andersins hierdie funksie gee terug Err
The SQRTPI() function returns the non-negative square root of x * PI. It is an error if the argument is negativeDie Sqrt () funksie gee terug Die non-negatiewe vierkantige root van x. As x is negatiewe, " Nan " is teruggestuur
This is the current color in hexadecimal rgb representation as you may use it in HTML or as a QColor name. The rectangles background shows the color of the pixel inside the little square at the end of the line cursorHierdie is die huidige kleur in heksadesimaal rgb voorstelling as jy dalk mag gebruik dit in Html van as ' n Q-kleur naam. die vierkante agtergrond vertoon die kleur van die pixel binne in die klein vierkantige na die einde van die lyn plekaanduier
Who said squares are flat?Description
The IMSQRT(string) returns the square root of a complex numberDie Imsqrt(string) gee terug Die vierkantige root van ' n kompleks nommer
Square colorUitdoof kleur
for the purposes of documents forwarded by post, be Private Bag X‧, Brooklyn Square, ‧; andvir die doeleindes van stukke wat per pos gestuur word, Privaatsak X‧, Brooklyn Square, ‧; en
Square (experimental, not recommendedVierkantige (eksperimenteel, nie aanbeveel
The CHIDIST() function returns the probability value from the indicated Chi square that a hypothesis is confirmedDie Minute () funksie gee terug Die waarde van Die Minute in ' n tyd uitdrukking
The SQRT() function returns the non-negative square root of the argument. It is an error if the argument is negativeDie Sqrt () funksie gee terug Die non-negatiewe vierkantige root van x. As x is negatiewe, " Nan " is teruggestuur
Words in bold type in square brackets indicate omissions from existing enactmentsWoorde in vet druk tussen vierkantige hake dui skrappings uit bestaande verordenings aan
Sum of all data items squaredSom van alle data items gekwadreer
Set flags and reveal squares where they are trivialStel vlaggies en vertoon gevalle vir die triviaal gevalle
Connect the dots to create squaresSpeletjie vir KindersName
Add Square BracketVoeg by Vierkantige Hakkie
The DEVSQ() function calculates the sum of squares of deviationsDie Cos () funksie gee terug Die kosinus van x, waar x is gegewe in radiale
Square rootVierkantswortel
Lead ‧-Square WaveLei ‧-Vierkantige Golf
Whether to set flags and reveal squares in trivial situationsStel vlaggies en vertoon gevalle vir die triviaal gevalle
Square DitheringVierkantige Versagting
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