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kornôg, kuzh-heol, Kornôg are the top translations of "west" into Breton. Sample translated sentence: This was not enough to convince Bolton to play Facey regularly, and so he moved to West Bromwich Albion in January 2004. ↔ Kinniget eo bet da gentañ gant Hubert Auriol, ha gant Denis Brogniart abaoe 2002.

west verb noun adverb adjective grammar

One of the four principal compass points, specifically 270°, conventionally directed to the left on maps; the direction of the setting sun at an equinox. [..]

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English-Breton dictionary

  • kornôg

    noun masculine

    compass point [..]

  • kuzh-heol

  • Kornôg

    one of the four cardinal directions

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West proper noun grammar

The Western world; the regions, primarily situated in the Western Hemisphere, whose culture is derived from Europe. [..]

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English-Breton dictionary

  • Kornôg

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This was not enough to convince Bolton to play Facey regularly, and so he moved to West Bromwich Albion in January 2004.
Kinniget eo bet da gentañ gant Hubert Auriol, ha gant Denis Brogniart abaoe 2002.
The mid-1909 inauguration was attended by major South-West African dignitaries.
Goude 1904 e vo implijet timbroù Suafrika.
Key West, Florida
Key West (Florida)
West Papuan languages
Yezhoù papouek ar c'hornôg
West Midlands
West Midlands
She was destined for Dakar, French West Africa with a cargo of coal.
Deuet eo L'Ouest-Éclair da vezañ Ouest-France goude ar brezel.
Tabled rock in the west, running to elevations of 800 to 1,000 metres.
Redadegoù d'ar galoup kompez : Galoupet 'vez war hirderioù a za eus 800 da 4000 metr.
North West Territories
Bro walarncanada. kgm
There are 236 cave temples in Kizil, carved into the cliff stretching from east to west for a length of 2 km.
E 1302 e roas dezhi e atant en Acle, Norfolk, a oa tremen 300 km diouti.
Sailing west across the Pacific, they returned to England in September 1580.
Dieubet e voe e 1958 ha distreiñ da Angola e 1959.
Right, our West Pointer.
O paouez dont eus West Point!
West Flanders
Kisjordanifrance. kgm
Upper West Region (Ghana)
Upper West (Ghana)
To the west of us are the anarchists.
En hon tu kleiz, an anarkourien.
South West England (European Parliament constituency)
Pastell Dilennel Europat Mervent Bro-Saoz
At the end of 2016, Rosa toured with multi-platinum selling Rock Progressive band Trans-Siberian Orchestra on their USA West as a female vocalist.
Etre 2008 ha 2016, e oa penn ar Pink Cross Foundation, un aozadur o klask stourm a-enep ar pornografiezh dreist-holl a-fed gwirioù an aktourien.
Huntington, West Virginia
Huntington (West Virginia)
For the West, there would be no recovery, as the last Western Emperor, Romulus Augustulus, was deposed in 476.
Diskaret an impalaer diwezhañ, ar c'hrennard Romulus Augustule e 476.
These later became 166th (South Lancashire) Brigade and 55th (West Lancashire) Division respectively, in 1915.
Krouet eo bet e miz Mae 1916 gant kadervioù Liverpool ar 55th (West Lancashire ) Division: ur vered-talbenn e oa.
The 1/2nd Brigade crossed to France with the 1/6th Battalion West Yorks in April 1915.
Mervel a reas e miz Eost 1915 e-pad ar Brezel-bed kentañ, en 9th Battalion eus ar Yorkshire Regiment edo .
West Irian Jaya
Virginie occidentaleasia. kgm
The Battle of Cheat Mountain, also known as the Battle of Cheat Summit Fort, took place from September 12 to 15, 1861, in Pocahontas County and Randolph County, Virginia (now West Virginia) as part of the Western Virginia Campaign during the American Civil War.
Emgann Cheat Mountain, anvet ivez Emgann Cheat Summit Fort, a oa bet un emgann etre an 12 hag ar 15 a viz Gwengolo 1861, e Pocahontas County ha Randolph County, e Virginia (hiziv West Virginia).
East of Eads, Colorado US 287 turns toward the west again, briefly merging with SH 96.
Eadwald East Anglia a voe roue East-Anglia etre 796 ha 798.
"Key West Avengers" were present.
Un isrummad eus Avengers e oa.
But, following the defeat of Napoleon in 1814, Prussia took over the west bank of the Rhineland.
Pa voe diskaret Napoleon e 1814, ez eas an douaroù-se gant rouantelezh Prusia.