Translations into Bosnian:

  • Sretan Božić 
    (Phrase  )
    good wishes at Christmas time
  • Srećan Božić 
    (Phrase  )
    good wishes at Christmas time

Other meanings:

Used to express good wishes on or before Christmas Day.
Merry Christmas, Charlie Manson!
A Christmas greeting
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

Similar phrases in dictionary English Bosnian. (5)

a merry christmas!sretan božić!
Merry Christmas and a happy New YearCestit Božic i sretna nova godina
Merry Christmas and a Happy New YearSrećni praznici; Sretni praznici#Bosnian'Sretni praznici, Srećni praznici#Bosnian'Srećni praznici; Sretni praznici
merry christmas!sretan božić!
Merry Christmas!Sretan Božić; Čestit božić

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Example sentences with "Merry Christmas", translation memory

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Merry christmasSretan BOzic
Merry Christmas, Yuri AndreyevichSrećan Božić, Juriju Andrejeviču
Hey, kids, merry christmasHey, djeco, sretan Bozic
I' m a friend of Santa' s...... and he sent me here to wish you...... a merry Christmas!Ja sam prijatelj Deda mraza...... i on me je poslao ovde da ti...... pželim srecan Božic!
Merry Christmas to you, Mr. SteveSretan Božić i vama, gosp.Steve
Merry ChristmasSretan Božić
Merry christmas, hallieSretan Bozic, Hallie
Merry ChristmasSrecan Božic
Susan, merry christmasSusan, Sretan Bozic
Merry christmasSretan Bozic
Merry Christmas, huh?Sretan Božić
Merry christmas to youSretan Bozic tebi
Merry Christmas, everybodySrecan božic, svima
Merry Christmas.- Merry Christmas, Dad. Merry ChristmasProslavimo
Well, Merry Christmas, AnniePa, sretan Božić, Annie
Merry ChristmasSretan Bozic
Merry Christmas!Srecan Božic!
Merry Christmas, Miss Lara!Srećan Božić, gđice Lara!
Merry Christmas!Sretan Božić!
Merry christmas, danSrećan Božić, Dane
Well, merry christmas, dan carson upiSrećan Božić, Dane Carsone iz UPI- a
merry christmasSretan BOzic
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