pronunciation: IPA: /dɪzniːlænd/

Translations into Mandarin:

  • 迪士尼乐园 
    (Proper noun  )
    Disneyland, theme park
  • 迪士尼樂園 
    (Proper noun  )
    Disneyland, theme park
  • 迪斯尼乐园 
    (Proper noun  )
    Disneyland, theme park
  • 迪斯尼樂園 
    (Proper noun  )
    Disneyland, theme park

Other meanings:

(informal, often derogatory) A place resembling the Disneyland theme park, often typified by a corporately-designed saccharine cheerfulness.
The archetypical theme park, located in Anaheim, California.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Mandarin. (2)

Disneyland Resort迪士尼站
Disneyland Resort Line迪士尼綫

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Example sentences with "Disneyland", translation memory

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Yesterday I went to Disneyland.昨天我到迪士尼樂園
I understand I can get a bus to Disneyland from here.我觉得可以在这里搭车去迪士尼乐园
It has been so long since I last went to Disneyland with my family.自从上次我和我家人去了迪士尼之后已经过了那么久了。
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