Translations into Mandarin:

  • 聖母經 

Other meanings:

(by extension) An act done in desperation, with only a very small chance of success.
(American football) A long forward pass with little chance of completion, typically used when time is running out and no other play is practical.
A prayer calling for the intercession of the Holy Mother, for Catholics an essential element of the Rosary, and with use in certain other denominations.
Ave Maria (prayer)

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Example sentences with "Hail Mary", translation memory

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Have you ever seen it hail?你什么时候看见过冰雹吗?
It's hailing.正在下雹。
Mari and Maki are sisters.Mari和Maki是姐妹。
Mary swims as fast as Jack.Mary游得和Jack一样快。
That can't be Mary. She's in the hospital now.那不可能是玛丽,她现在在医院。
Mary set the basket on the table.瑪麗把籃子放在桌子上了。
Mary arrived at the hospital.瑪麗到了醫院。
John and Mary broke up last week.約翰和瑪麗上週分手了。
Mary doesn't use salt in her cooking.玛丽做菜不放盐。
I introduced Mary to my parents.我把玛丽介绍给我的父母了。
Mary is at a loss what to say to him.瑪莉不知道該和他說甚麼才好。
Tom is three years older than Mary.汤姆比玛丽大三岁。
Tom liked Mary's new hairstyle.汤姆很喜欢玛丽新做的发型。
Mary treated her wounded knee.玛丽处理了膝盖的伤口。
Mary gave me an American doll.瑪麗給了我一個美國娃娃。
It was yesterday that Mary bought this skirt.玛丽是在昨天买了那条裙子。
Each time I see Mary, I learn something new and important from her.我每見到 Mary,總會從她處學會一些重要的新知識。
This is Mary's dog.這是瑪麗的狗。
Mary is an exceptionally beautiful girl.瑪麗是一個非常漂亮的姑娘。
Mary likes watching TV.玛丽喜欢看电视。
Tom loved Mary, who didn't love him at all.汤姆爱玛丽,但是她一点都不爱他。
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