pronunciation: IPA: /ˈfɪʃ/ /ˈfɘʃ/ fɪʃ , SAMPA: /fIS/            

Translations into Mandarin:

  • yu   
  • diao 
    fish (with a rod)
    fish (with a rod)
    (to) fish (with a rod)
    (to) fish (with a rod)
    (to) fish (with a rod)
    (to) fish (with a rod)
    (to) fish (with a rod)
  • yi tiao 
    yi tiao (yu)
    yi tiao (yu)
    yi tiao (yu)
    yi tiao (yu)
    yi tiao (yu)
    yi tiao (yu)
    (Noun  ) (name   ) [pinyin: yú;]
    flesh of fish as food
    A cold-blooded vertebrate animal that lives in water that moves with the help of fins and breathes using gills (Pisces).
    (name   )
    (noun   ) [pinyin: yú;]
    Catch or try to catch fish.
    (noun   ) [pinyin: yú;]
    Catch or try to catch fish.
  • 釣魚 
    (verb   )
    Catch or try to catch fish.
  • 钓鱼 
    (verb   )
    Catch or try to catch fish.
  • yu2 
    (name, verb, noun, adjv   )
  • 魚類 
    (noun   )
  • 鱼类 
    (noun   )

Other meanings:

period of time spent fishing
derogatory slang: woman
(uncountable) A card game in which the object is to obtain pairs of cards.
Of or relating to fish; piscine; ichthyic.
(countable) A cold-blooded vertebrate animal that lives in water, moving with the help of fins and breathing with gills.
instance of seeking something
transitive: to try to catch fish or sthg else in a body of water
(nautical) Torpedo
to attempt to find by searching among other objects
(nautical) To repair a spar or mast using a brace often called a fish (see NOUN above).
(transitive) To try to catch fish, or to find something else, in (a body of water).
slang: easy victim for swindling
vertebrate animal
(countable) An instance of seeking something.
(uncountable) The flesh of the fish used as food.
relating to fish
(intransitive, followed by "around") To attempt to obtain information by talking to people.
A new inmate in a prison.
(collectively) Plural form of fish.
(uncountable, derogatory, slang) A woman.
(countable) A period of time spent fishing.
(intransitive) To try to catch fish, whether successfully or not.
(possibly archaic) Any vertebrate that lives in water and cannot live outside it.
to attempt to obtain information by talking to people
(children’s term for) fish
(intransitive) To attempt to find or get hold of an object by searching among other objects.
collective plural of fish
(slang) An easy victim for swindling.
(transitive, figuratively, followed by "for") To attempt to gain.
archaic: any vertebrate that lives in water and cannot live outside it
(nautical) A makeshift overlapping longitudinal brace used to temporarily repair or extend a spar or mast of a ship.
intransitive: to try to catch fish
(intransitive, cricket) Of a batsman, to attempt to hit a ball outside off stump and miss it.
card game

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Similar phrases in dictionary English Mandarin. (45)

African fish-eagle吼海雕
cuttle fish乌贼; 烏賊
devil fish章鱼
dried fish鱼干
fighting fish泰国斗鱼; 鬥魚; 斗鱼; 泰國鬥魚
Fishyú; 鱼
fish and chips炸鱼薯条
fish bone鱼刺; 魚刺
Fish Crow魚鴉
fish farming养鱼业; 鱼类养殖
fish finger魚條; 鱼条
fish gelatin鱼胶
fish glue鱼胶; 魚膠
fish hawk鱼鹰; 鹗; 鶚
Fish Leong梁靜茹
fish maw鱼鳔; 鰾
fish meal鱼粉; 魚粉
fish meat
fish outlao
fish pass鱼道
fish pond魚塘; 鱼塘; 鱼池
fish scales鱼鳞
fish spawnyuzi
fish stock鱼类资源
fish trapyu2long3; 捕鱼笼; 鱼笼; bu3yu2long3
fishes鱼; 鱼类
Fishesyú; 鱼
fishing渔场; 魚業; 钓鱼; diaoyu; 漁; 捕鱼权; 釣魚; 鱼业; 渔业; 漁業; 渔
fishing boat漁船; 渔船 yúchuán
fishing cat漁貓; 渔猫
fishing gear渔具; 漁具
fishing ground漁場; 渔场
fishing harbor渔港
fishing harbour渔港
fishing hook鱼钩
fishing industry渔业
fishing line渔线; 钓丝; 釣絲; diao4yu2si1; yu2xian4; 钓鱼丝
fishing net漁網; 渔网; 鱼网
fishing port渔港
fishing rod魚竿; 钓鱼竿
Fishing Town钓鱼城遗址
I don't eat fish我不吃鱼; 我不吃魚
Madagascar Fish Eagle马达加斯加海雕
The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish渔夫和金鱼的故事

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Example sentences with "fish", translation memory

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Fish like carp and trout live in fresh water.鱼类例如鲤鱼和鳟鱼生活在淡水中。
I would like some fish.我想吃点
We saw a lot of live fish in the pond.我们看见池里有很多活
Air is to us what water is to fish.空气对人来说就是水对的意义。
I do not eat meat, fish, shellfish, poultry or broth.我 不吃肉,不吃,不吃海鲜,也不吃荤汤。
The birds' home is in the forest, the fish's home is in the river, the bees' home is in the flowers, and the little children's is in China. We love our motherland from the time we're little, as the birds love the forest, the fish love the river, and the bees love the flowers.鸟的家在森林, 的家在江河, 蜜蜂的家在花朵, 小朋友的家在中国。 我们从小爱祖国, 就像鸟儿爱森林, 就像鱼儿爱江河, 就像蜜蜂爱花朵。
This fish is free from poison.这条没有毒。
Which do you like better, meat or fish?在肉和之间,您更喜欢哪个?
The cat is watching the one fish.猫看着
My father caught three fish yesterday.昨天我爸爸抓到了3条
I like to go fishing with my father.我喜欢和父亲一起去钓鱼
I went fishing in the river yesterday.昨天我去河边钓鱼了。
He is an expert at fishing.他是捕鱼达人。
I'm allergic to fish.我对鱼肉过敏。
These fish are the same color.的颜色一样。
Meat or fish?肉还是?
Fish and red wine don't go together.和红酒不相配。
Fish live in the sea.生活在海里。
I'm sure that this is a fresh water fish.我肯定这是淡水鱼。
He caught three fish.他逮到三条
Fish are cold-blooded animals.鱼类是冷血动物。
I used to do fishing.我过去常常去钓鱼
How many times do you feed the fish?你多久餵一次
That cloud is in the shape of a fish.那片云是的形状。
Father has gone fishing.父亲去钓鱼了。
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