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Where the authorities do not have the ability to process information if provided in a particular medium (e.g. computer tape), the information should be supplied in the form of written material or any other form acceptable to the authorities
Do you remember the scene...... with Jabba the Hutt?
What were you doing?
Once again, do Canadians and Quebeckers want to have an agency that the government can use as a cover?
for the purposes of this Directive financial services do not include the instruments of monetary, exchange rate, public debt, reserve management, and other policies involving transactions in securities and other financial instruments
What do you think I do all day when you' re at school?
Presumption of conformity with the essential requirements of the directive for products that still fall within the scope of the (partially) superseded standard, but that do not fall within the scope of the new standard, is unaffected
You' d do that for me?
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