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Reports of torture made by defendants in the trial of elected parliamentarian Kifle Tigeneh and others, one of several CUD trials, were not investigated.
This season, the holiday fell on December ‧ th, the tenth day of the Islamic month of Dhul-Hijje
The pilgrim then remains in Makkah till the 8th. day of Dhul-Hijja.
Several defendants in the trial of Kifle Tigeneh and 32 other CUD members claimed in court that they had been tortured, but the judges refused to consider their claims.
The Hajj begins with the twelfth month of the Islamic calender called Dhul Hijjah.
2 introduced by Mr. Kifle Shenkoru, Head of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Unit.
Another separate trial of CUD members -- including Kifle Tigeneh, an elected CUD Member of Parliament -- has been adjourned to 29 October.
Ascertaining the beginning and end of the month of Ramadan as well as the beginning of the month of Dhul Hijjah through Shariah sighting that is irrefutable by scientific sensory or mental proof, pursuant to the Hadith of the Prophet (Peace be upon him): "Fast and break your fast as a result of sighting the crescent
The Quran states that the followers of Dhu'l Kifl are righteous people.
This followed the sighting on Tuesday evening of Dhul Hijjah crescent.
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