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Another separate trial of CUD members -- including Kifle Tigeneh, an elected CUD Member of Parliament -- has been adjourned to 29 October.
Eight other defendants in this trial and all 33 defendants in a related trial of CUD officials, including MP-elect Kifle Tigeneh, were pressurized to plead guilty and apply for pardon.
Ascertaining the beginning and end of the month of Ramadan as well as the beginning of the month of Dhul Hijjah through Shariah sighting that is irrefutable by scientific sensory or mental proof, pursuant to the Hadith of the Prophet (Peace be upon him): "Fast and break your fast as a result of sighting the crescent
Several defendants in the trial of Kifle Tigeneh and 32 other CUD members claimed in court that they had been tortured, but the judges refused to consider their claims.
The Extraordinary Summit will be preceded by a preparatory meeting of OIC Ministers of Foreign Affairs on 4 Dhul Qaida 1426H (6 December 2005).
( Dhul - Qarnain ) said : This is Mercy from my Lord . But when my Lords promise ( of the Last Hour ) comes ( near ) , He will ( demolish this wall and ) level it with the ground ( i . e . it will be reduced to dust particles ) . And the promise of my Lord is bound to come true .
And ( also ) mention Ismail ( Ishmael ) and al - Yasa ( Isaaiah ) and Dhul - Kifl ( Ezekiel ) . All of them were of the chosen ones .
Certain modern Islamic scholars have asserted that the Prophet Dhu'l Kifl – the “man from Kifl” – mentioned twice in the Quran refers to Buddha, with Kifl being the Arabic rendering of the name of Buddha’s native kingdom, Kapilavastu.
Canadian Embassy Nefas Silk Lafto Kifle Ketema Kebele 04, House No. 122 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Kifle Mulat, president of the Ethiopian Free Press Journalists Association, was charged in his absence and sought asylum abroad.
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