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In 764 , when FUJIWARA no Nakamaro raised a rebellion , the checking station was closed to stop him running away to Echizen Province where his son lived .
Muchimaro had four sons , and from the era of Emperor Koken through that of Emperor Shotoku the first son , FUJIWARA no Toyonari ( the minister of the right ) and the second son , FUJIWARA no Nakamaro ( the grand minister of state ) , successively became ministers .
Afterward , he won the confidence of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro by working hard in events including the Imperial funeral for Empress Dowager Komyo , and came to be promoted as if nothing had happened .
Toshitari served as Daihitsu ( senior assistant president ) to the Shibi chudai ( the office handled the principal Empress Komyo 's affairs ) which was established by FUJIWARA no Nakamaro ( the second son of Muchimaro ) , and barely maintained his standing as a middle class nobility .
However , as the Southern House of the Fujiwara clan entered a terminal decline after FUJIWARA no Nakamaro 's Rebellion , the Ishikawa clan also failed to produce other kugyo ( court noble ) succeeding ISHIKAWA no Mamori ( Toshitari 's grandchild and the seventh generation of Umako 's grandchildren ) , who was Shoshiinojo ( Senior Fourth Rank , Upper Grade ) and sangi ( Councillor ) , died after the transfer of the capital to the Heian-kyo , and would vanish from history .
Kihei Taishogun first appeared in " Shoku Nihongi " ( Chronicle of Japan Continued ) entry dated the eleventh month , the day of Kinoto-Ushi in 705 , when KI no Komaro was appointed Kihei Taishogun to meet and escort the Shilla envoy ; it was also recorded that when FUJIWARA no Hirotsugu raised the army in Kyushu against the throne at the Rebellion of FUJIWARA no Hirotsugu in 740 , Emperor Shomu went to Iga and Ise Provinces with FUJIWARA no Nakamaro as Zen ( front ) Kihei Taishogun and KI no Maro as Go ( rear ) Kihei Taishogun , guarded by 400 cavalrymen .
FUJIWARA no Nakamaro 's government was also very active in their policy on Ezo .
He was accused of complicity in the revolt of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro and was exiled to Iki Province in 764 .
In October , 764 , FUJIWARA no Kusumaro , who was a child of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro , attacked an imperial envoy to take away gyokuji ( imperial seal ) and ekirei ( bell needed for the exercise of imperial power ) .
He was the 6th son of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro , the Grand Minister ( EMI no Oshikatsu ) .
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