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(US, Canada) The Mi'kmaq First Nations people of Gaspé.

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"This support of the Government of Canada will allow the Gaspesian British Heritage Village attract visitors from across Canada and beyond," said Mr. Farrah.
Françoise Bujold was born in Bonaventure on the Gaspé Peninsula, March 6th, 1933. All her life, she only had eyes for her native Gaspé Peninsula: her writing is full of the most lively Gaspesian language, and her paintings and engravings are alive with every nuance of the earth and sea of her childhood.
This story is based on unpublished material prepared by Marie Battiste and J. Youngblood Henderson for the Mi'kmaq Grand Council and on material from Father Chrestien Le Clercq, Nouvelle Relation de la Gaspésie (Paris: 1691), chapter X. The French original and an English translation are found in William F. Ganong, trans. and ed., New Relation of Gaspesia with the Customs and Religion of the Gaspesian Indians (Toronto:
We asked whether English-speaking Gaspesians were treated better by the federal agencies than provincial ones, and we were told that in some instances the federal agencies are less sensitive to the needs of the Anglophones than their provincial counterparts.
The Gaspesian British Heritage Centre set up a strategic marketing campaign to promote the historic and cultural merit of this site that includes buildings dating back to the pre-Loyalist era.
Supplying a perfect visual analogy of the strength and adaptability that the Gaspesian Mix has created.
Food Services Restaurant and vending machines are available at the Gaspesian British Heritage Village adjoining the Military Museum.
In the evening, we offer a candle dinner in the castle's main hall (very affordable gaspesian or acadian home-made cooking).
The Gaspesian British Heritage Village is dedicated to encourage harmony between the region's founding communities and to illustrate the British influence in the history, culture, and growth of the Gaspé.
Mrs. Joan Dow, President of the Gaspesian British Heritage Centre, New Richmond.
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