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(US, Canada) The Mi'kmaq First Nations people of Gaspé.

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Historically, English-speaking Gaspesians have been entrepreneurs in the region. For example, Robin Jones &Whitman Limited is spoken of as the second-oldest company in Canada, next to the Hudson Bay Company.
We asked whether English-speaking Gaspesians were treated better by the federal agencies than provincial ones, and we were told that in some instances the federal agencies are less sensitive to the needs of the Anglophones than their provincial counterparts.
"The Gaspesian British Heritage Village allows visitors to discover the contributions of our British ancestors to the history and culture of the Gaspé," said Mr. Farrah.
"This promotional campaign will help extend the reach of this unique cultural event, raise greater awareness about the Gaspesian Village and generate tourism spin-offs for the entire region.
In nearby New Richmond, a community of 4,200 people, 18% of whom are English, there is the Gaspesian British Heritage Centre which traces the Loyalist era from 1760 to the early 1900s.
In the evening, we offer a candle dinner in the castle's main hall (very affordable gaspesian or acadian home-made cooking).
Canada’s new government allocates $74,789 in funding to the Gaspesian British Heritage Village Gaspé, Quebec, April 10, 2007 – The Honourable Jean-Pierre Blackburn, Minister of Labour and Minister of Canada Economic Development, today announced the awarding of $74,789 in non-repayable funding to the Gaspesian British Heritage Village to promote the 2007 and 2008 edition of its Bluegrass Festival to markets outside Quebec.
The Gaspesian Britisth Heritage Village acknowledges the contribution of Canadian Heritage through its Celebrate Canada program.
It would seem that English-speaking Gaspesians act as an important bridge socially and economically between the Francophones in Quebec and the rest of Canada, and the world.
"This support will serve to make our festival an absolute must for bluegrass music fans in the United States and elsewhere," added Gaspesian British Heritage Village President Ray Smith.
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