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(US, Canada) The Mi'kmaq First Nations people of Gaspé.

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"This support will serve to make our festival an absolute must for bluegrass music fans in the United States and elsewhere," added Gaspesian British Heritage Village President Ray Smith.
After graduating from Collège de Sainte-Foy in Quebec City in the early 1980s, Florence took makeup courses offered by the Gaspesian set designer Yvan Gaudin.
In the Gaspé, there is less of a tradition of doing things cooperatively, and more of a tradition of "rugged individualism" among English Gaspesians.
The Museum houses three services: the regional museum, the private regional archives centre accredited by the Archives Nationales du Québec, and a magazine devoted to Gaspesian heritage.
This proud Gaspesian and advocate for the role of regions also encourages women to enter non-traditional fields of work and is a role model for the young generation.
Gestion des collections $ 25,000.00 Gaspesian British Heritage Village Collection Cataloging and Reserve $ 15,000.00 Corporation de mise en valeur de la Résidence Vachon Vidéo promotionnel $ 10,000.00 Centre d'histoire de Montréal Les nuits de jazz.
The Gaspesian Britisth Heritage Village acknowledges the contribution of Canadian Heritage through its Celebrate Canada program.
Respondents were aware of many strengths in the communities where they resided, and strengths within the wider Anglophone community in the Gaspé. Some strengths perceived by those interviewed were: the salmon runs on the Cascapédia rivers, the British Historical Village in New Richmond; the museums and various cultural attractions in various communities which reflected the heritage of English-speaking Gaspesians; the Pin Rouge ski facility near New Richmond; agriculture, especially beef-raising; the highest mountain chain east of the Rockies; the Stone Pulp and Paper facility in New Richmond; the English schools, the recreational facilities, and the eighteen-hole golf course in New Carlisle; the large service centre for public and private goods, and the tourist attractions in the Town of Gaspé; the lobster industry and tourism in the Magdalen Islands.
• A Doppler weather radar was built on the Gaspesian peninsula as part of the implementation of a corporate network of observatories in Quebec which would allow further observations of extreme weather.
The Gaspesian British Heritage Village, founded in 1984, is a museum dedicated to preserving the history of the Gaspé region's Anglophone community.
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