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Hikawa-jinja Shrine ( Saitama City , Saitama Prefecture )
He was enshrined at Hiromine-jinja Shrine , Yasaka-jinja Shrine , Tsushima-jinja Shrine , Hikawa-jinja Shrine and their branch shrines , but subsequent to the separation of Buddhism and Shintoism in the Meiji period , these shrines have became shrines to Susanoo .
In 1880 ( at the age of 0 ) , he was born to the eldest daughter of the real sister of Kaoru INOUE , Genkun ( the statesmen who contributed in the Meiji Period ) , and Yahachi AYUKAWA , a former samurai of Choshu Domain ( the 10th family head ) , in Ouchi Village , Hikawa County , Yamaguchi Prefecture ( present day Ouchi area , Yamaguchi City ) .
However , there is also a theory that phonologically Hikawa came from ' Shikawa ' and Hikawa came from ' Bikawa ' and the two have no relation at all .
Since Hikawa-jinja Shrine is an old establishment listed in the " the Engishiki " ( an ancient book for codes and procedures on national rites and prayers ) and the main god of Hikawa-jinja Shrine became Susanoo ( in other words , the original main god Arahabaki became the guest god ) only because of political reasons of the Edo bakufu ( Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun ) , the story on the link between Izumo and Hikawa may be taken as part of the process of Emishi ( including Toraijin [ people from overseas , especially from China and Korea , who settled in early Japan and introduced Continental culture to the Japanese ] ) control by the Yamato Court .
Stories of wandering gamblers : ' Tabi Sugata Sannin Otoko ' ( Three Men on Their Journey ) by Dick MINE , ' Itako Gasa ' ( Conical Straw Hat in Itako Area ) by Yukio HASHI , ' Hakone Hachiri no Hanjiro ' ( Hanjiro on the steep Hakone Road ) by Kiyoshi HIKAWA , etc .
According to Hikawa SEIWA , Kaishu disparaged Shozan such as ' He was just as people said he was , a very thoughtless and restless man , but he was helped by the age he lived in . '
Okutama cup is a down river time race in HIKAWA CANYON of upper Tama river (Tama-gawa) and I tried paddle in "DK-1 (Ducky single)" class.
Saitama Prefecture , where Hikawa-jinja Shrine is located , was the center of iron production industry in ancient times .
After Hikawa-jinja Shrine was referred to as Ichinomiya , the Kanasana-jinja Shrine ( the Gonomiya ) , was referred to as Ninomiya .
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