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Hikawa-jinja Shrine ( Omiya Ward , Saitama City , Saitama Prefecture ) : Bags containing things bought from the shrine give the name ' Hikawa Taisha . '
Hikawa-jinja Shrine mentioned earlier for enshrining Arahabaki as a guest god is of the Izumo branch ( transferred from Kitsuki-jinja Shrine located at Hi-kawa River of Izumo ) .
According to the shrine 's biography and family records at Hikawa-jinja Shrine , descendants of Takeshiba called themselves Noyoto and the child of Takeshiba 's daughter ( the child of Musashi no suke , Masayoshi SUGAWARA ) took over the right to conduct religious services forHikawa-jinja Shrine .
Sannomiya : Hikawa-jinja Shrine ( Takahana-cho , Omiya Ward , Saitama City , Saitama Prefecture )
His life was described as ' a life with only one maid and an old servant even though his position was quite high ' ( " Hikawa Seiwa " [ Quiet Talks at the Hikawa Mansion ] written by Kaishu KATSU ) and his grave in the Yanaka Cemetery is also small .
According to ' Hikawa seiwa ' ( Quiet talks at the Hikwa mansion ) , which is an autobiography of Kaishu KATSU , Izo OKADA became Kaishu KATSU 's bodyguard owing to the mediation of Ryoma SAKAMOTO .
He was enshrined at Hiromine-jinja Shrine , Yasaka-jinja Shrine , Tsushima-jinja Shrine , Hikawa-jinja Shrine and their branch shrines , but subsequent to the separation of Buddhism and Shintoism in the Meiji period , these shrines have became shrines to Susanoo .
Enka music on the whole continues to slump without creating any big hits after " Mago " by Itsuro OIZUMI and " Hakone Hachiri no Hanjiro " by Kiyoshi HIKAWA .
One case where Arahabaki is enshrined as a ' Maroudogami ' for example is the ' Hikawa-jinja Shrine ' in Omiya , Saitama Prefecture .
If he failed in thwarting the war party, he did so, as Thoreau said, 'by making his failure so tragic by courage, that it did not differ from success. ' He died at sea in May, 1938, aboard the Hikawa Maru while returning from the Cairo International Olympic Conference.
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