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• Involvement in international negotiations to ensure new obligations for Canada are compatible with environmental assessment practices and legislative requirements
m) Requested States parties that had already responded to the questionnaire circulated by the secretariat in accordance with decision ‧ and had provided the information or legislation required by the Convention in accordance with the articles mentioned in subparagraphs (k) and (l) above to update such information or legislation as appropriate
As the only department with a legislative requirement to report on gender-based analysis (GBA) activities, CIC made history by including these considerations in its 2002 Report to Parliament, tabled in October 2002.
Current legislation requires an environmental assessment to be conducted when a decision is taken to provide federal funding to a project - except when such projects are conducted on Indian reserve lands.
A. There is no legislative requirement stipulating the minimum length of time a process must be advertised.
However, project proponents are responsible for ensuring that the project meets all legislative requirements that are applicable at the time of planning and carrying out the undertaking; and that all relevant licenses, permits and authorizations are obtained.
It should be pointed out that this tradition persists even though Cameroonian legislation requires the intending spouses' consent
Due to this legislative requirement, commissions cannot hear representations from persons who simply show up at hearings without having provided the required written notice.
The possession of an import permit does not relieve importers from complying with other legislative requirements administered by the Agency.
7)������� Entrepreneurship Committee Order No. 45 �On Approving the Procedure for Controlling the Observance of Legislative Requirements for the Issuance of Permit Documents� dated 15 May 2006.
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