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Even if that legislation requires that an application made directly to that Office must be in one class only, the Office must accept that an international registration may be protected in that Contracting Party where it relates to several (or even all 45) classes of goods and services.
The rule governing transition between the two legislative regimes is that, if no regulations have been made concerning a particular program or legislative requirement, the provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act apply, in their entirety, to all affected cases.
Due to the broad variety of legislative requirements in some countries and existing legal and practical arrangements, the level of and opportunities for public participation may vary to a great extent among countries
With 3 levels of government, and with different departments at each level and sometimes numerous legislative requirements for each department or agency, industries seeking approval for projects face a maze of legislation which is costly and time consuming.
The Joint Review Panel will meet the legislated requirements of all three parties and also avoid unnecessary duplication of process.
Legislation requires, for example, that by January 2009 at the latest all large public buildings in the EU display energy performance certificates for the visiting public to see.
Current approaches to meeting the legislative requirements of the Employment Equity Act are no longer sufficient.
As defined by its objective (see section 4.2.1), the Dairy Program, as it relates to import activities, is an enforcement program, that is, a program dedicated to achieving compliance with legislative requirements.
• Verify that meat industry operates within legislative requirements;
Legislative Requirement and Federal Government Priorities
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