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The objectives and the distribution of CAP aid and the role and cost of the mechanisms to combat price volatility will inevitably become major subjects of the new CAP to be applied after 2013 , the outlines of which will have to be defined during the current parliamentary term .
The aim of the Conference is to provide LDCs with concrete and realistic measures to establish efficient pricing and procurement systems for hydrocarbon products, mitigate the impacts of oil price volatility on LDCs' growth and development prospects, define ways and means to mobilize financial resources for investment in energy sectors of LDCs and design long-term strategies to absorb such shocks
This would have the potential to improve market efficiency, increase transparency and reduce speculation, even out excessive price volatility, create incentives for the financial sector to make long-term investments with added value for the real economy, as well as help to finance global public goods and reduce public deficits.
In relation to energy security, price volatility is usually a good indicator of supply security problems
In fact, it has been found that the negative impact of commodity price volatility on total factor productivity is greater than its negative effect on capital accumulation
The excessive price volatility in the previous period is partly the consequence of wrong decisions taken by the EU, for instance the abolition of maize intervention.
Neither route would be wise. Over-reliance on imported food would dangerously expose consumers to price volatility, and over-pressuring the farming sector, which already faces steep cost increases and depressed margins, would endanger productive capacity.
Weather-related events are a major cause of price volatility on agricultural markets. In the future, climate change can be expected to cause more supply shocks.
This is why, in order to achieve food security, we continually need a strong, market-orientated, decoupled and environmentally conscious common agricultural policy (CAP) which will also have a significant rural development component and will tackle other challenges, in particular, climate change, the economic crisis and maintaining territorial balance within the EU. Food security as an objective cannot be achieved without tackling two of the most important current issues: market and price volatility and dwindling food stocks.
The specific measures should also take account of special difficulties faced by commodity-dependent developing countries such as depressed commodity prices and price volatility
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