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Indeed, one of the big puzzles of the US stock market recently has been low price volatility since around 2004, amid the most volatile earnings growth ever seen.
We cannot talk about food security if we do not tackle two crucial issues, specifically: market and price volatility and dwindling global food stocks.
With the list of distressed institutions and people growing everyday- be they ailing banks, strategic industries hurt by the downturn and price volatilities, farmers unprepared for the collapse in commodity prices, urban poor struggling with higher food prices or the increasing ranks of unemployed, to mention but a few of the victims- Governments may come under severe pressure to spend their funds on immediate emergencies and maintaining social stability and order
Takes the view that, as part of the CAP health check, action should be taken to foster more stable and secure farm incomes- an essential pre-condition for generational change in farming- through the introduction at EU level of innovative risk and crisis-management tools to address market fluctuations and increased price volatility
As regards the specific problem of oil-importing countries, there is a need for the international community to urgently address this issue, and since oil price volatility seems to be increasing, it may recur at relatively frequent intervals, which means that ad hoc measures are unlikely to be sufficient
Welcomes the fact that the G-‧ Summit focused on global imbalances, which are at the root of the financial crisis; points out that if financial crises are to be prevented in the future, the underlying causes have to be addressed (including excessive trade deficits or surpluses), which have implications far beyond the realm of banking and financial regulation and institutional governance; considers that an effective multilateral response to the crisis must involve addressing the causes of exchange-rate imbalances and commodity price volatility within multilateral frameworks
Moreover, intra-seasonal price volatility in agricultural markets can be reduced as the supply of crops to market is staggered more evenly across the season
In addition, with financing from the Austrian Government, UNIDO and UNCTAD were to host jointly in Vienna a conference on efficient hydrocarbon pricing and procurement and on managing oil price volatility in LDCs
Mr. Al-Ja'afari (Observer for the Syrian Arab Republic) said that the progress made by developing countries in achieving sustainable development and reaching the MDGs was imperilled by the current global crisis, manifested by the rise in food and fuel prices, volatility in global financial markets and successive natural disasters caused by climate change, desertification and drought
We recognize that multiple financing for development challenges and opportunities have emerged since the Monterrey Conference, including the impact of the financial crisis, additional costs of climate change mitigation and adaptation and damage to the earth's environment, price volatility in international markets of key commodities, expanding economic cooperation, including/with middle income countries/the expanding role of some middle income countries in international economic relations and the growing needs for reconstruction and development of post-conflict countries, the changes in the international cooperation architecture
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