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Ascertain the relevant level of detail or granularity (threat activity, threat agent category, threat agent or threat event) for each entry based upon the scoping criteria identified in Section 4 of Annex A. Step 2.
When considering the impact of anthropogenic activities, threats or risks to highly productive areas, and particularly to the mechanisms of production, should be managed in a manner that will not reduce or compromise their ecological role
The Security Council, in the declaration annexed to its resolution ‧ of ‧ arch ‧ on the item entitled “Proliferation of small arms and light weapons and mercenary activities: threat to peace and security in West Africa”, called on relevant parties to conflicts in West Africa to recognize the importance of activities related to disarmament, demobilization and reintegration in post-conflict situations and of including such measures in the text of negotiated agreements, as well as specific measures for the collection and disposal of illicit and/or surplus small arms
The risk in economic activity - threat or source of a enterprise success
DIS plays an essential part in the Government's policy on terrorism and has taken on the investigation of subversion, sabotage, front organizations, concealment and promotion of activities to undermine the system, illegal arms transfers, suspected funding of terrorist activities, threats against senior government officials, and organized crime, among other things
Quick scan—targets critical system areas to detect and remove active malware; these scans are designed to focus on active threats and can complete within several minutes. HouseCall 7.1 ensures that there are no active threats by checking running processes and important registry and disk sections.
Departments are required to carry on mitigation activities (threat and risk assessment) and preparedness (emergency and continuity plan).
th meeting Proliferation of small arms and light weapons and mercenary activities: threats to peace and security in West Africa
It also calls for effective implementation of Security Council resolution ‧ adopted at the end of the workshop organized by my country when it held the presidency of the Council in March ‧ on the theme “Proliferation of small arms and light weapons and mercenary activities: threats to peace and security in West Africa.”
• Determine appropriate conservation actions in response to active threats to shorebird populations.
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