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(ecology) the transformation or adaptation of the environment to meet the needs of humans, or by human activity.

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Example sentences with "anthropization", translation memory

This third sphere concerns relationships with other living beings and the biophysical elements and phenomena of ecosystems, whether their origin is natural, anthropic or a combination of these (which is more common since nature and culture intermingle within environmental realities).
The water used for irrigation has very low phosphorous and nitrogen contents, well below the permitted levels, and is therefore proof of the absence of anthropic pollution
• Protect the health of Canadians and ecosystems by nearly completely eliminating toxic, anthropic, persistent and bioaccumulative substances from the environment, while preventing pollution, protecting fragile ecological zones and reducing the risks and effects of dangers caused by the environment.
Malerba ( UPE ) . - ( IT ) Mr President , Madam Commissioner , the Kyoto meeting provides the opportunity to face the problem of climate change caused by anthropic activity with greater rigour .
- Co-responsible Social Participation Anthrop.
There were shadow particles around before then, obviouslythey've been around since the Big Bangbut there was no physical way of amplifying their effects atour level, the anthropic level.
Differing rates of development and growing inequality in opportunity and resource distribution in geographical, social and generational terms, increasing climate change (for which humans are partly to blame) and the associated increase in natural disasters, increased environmental pollution, imbalanced anthropic pressure concentrated in large urban areas, and uneven population growth in some areas of the planet, have led to a rising number of humanitarian disasters in which aid takes on an essential role in restoring basic living conditions and human dignity.
Continental hydrology using space observation: measuring water level fluctuations of continental lakes, major rivers and flood plains by satellite altimetry, measuring fluctuations in water storage in soils, underground reservoirs and snow pack by space gravimetry and link with climatic variability and anthropic effects.
In this way we can recognize the possible naturals or anthropics transformations.
However, anthropic interferences may also be important.
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