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(ecology) the transformation or adaptation of the environment to meet the needs of humans, or by human activity.

Example sentences with "anthropization", translation memory

The special climatic conditions and morphological Valley have not favored since prehistoric times its anthropization.
The effects of balancing among genetic intermixing, isolation and reproduction barriers, and differential anthropic and natural selection pressures are discussed to better understand the evolution and the maintenance of the polymorphism of Pennisetum glaucum.
This third sphere concerns relationships with other living beings and the biophysical elements and phenomena of ecosystems, whether their origin is natural, anthropic or a combination of these (which is more common since nature and culture intermingle within environmental realities).
However, the disruption of such processes by anthropic disturbances could explain low animal abundance patterns observed by many investigators in certain landscapes.
So, I' d like your definitions of weak and strong anthropic principles on Wednesday
In many cavities, resulting from both natural excavation and anthropic action, the phenomenon of the collapse of blocks from the cavity roof presents a serious safety hazard.
They provide indications on: (a) carbon stocks and fluxes, a topic of particular relevance for understanding climatic changes, especially in the context of international conventions on this subject; (b) natural resources of the biosphere, as related to issues ranging from biodiversity to food security; and (c) environmental impact of anthropic activities such as the development of urban areas, transport corridors, or coastal infrastructures
• Management of research on the cumulative impact of anthropic pressures (stress) on aquatic ecosystems
The establishment of a protected area made it possible to save numerous species of animals and plants, which, thanks to the very low anthropic level and to the fact that it is very difficult to reach most of the area, have found their ideal habitat in the Park.
So, I' d like your definitions of weak and strong anthropic principles on Wednesday.That' il be all
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