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(ecology) the transformation or adaptation of the environment to meet the needs of humans, or by human activity.

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Example sentences with "anthropization", translation memory

Photochemical pollution episodes result from both anthropic (i.e.
Origin of the Universe and Anthropic Principle in the Cosmological Theories: Some Philosophical Aspects of the Problem
The effects of balancing among genetic intermixing, isolation and reproduction barriers, and differential anthropic and natural selection pressures are discussed to better understand the evolution and the maintenance of the polymorphism of Pennisetum glaucum.
So, I' d like your definitions of weak and strong anthropic principles on Wednesday
This paper describes this new approach and the required criteria for the development of a global methodology for the assessment of anthropic hazard.
This third sphere concerns relationships with other living beings and the biophysical elements and phenomena of ecosystems, whether their origin is natural, anthropic or a combination of these (which is more common since nature and culture intermingle within environmental realities).
Malerba ( UPE ) . - ( IT ) Mr President , Madam Commissioner , the Kyoto meeting provides the opportunity to face the problem of climate change caused by anthropic activity with greater rigour .
During the seminar several specialists will reveal the most significant changes to the landscape, from the last glaciation to anthropization (past and present), with the added variable of global warming.
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