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Any administrative or legislative action, procedure or enactment designed to redress disruptions of ecological integrity or damage to the supply of natural resources. (Source: BLD / RHW)

Example sentences with "compensatory measure", translation memory

• where a function is legitimately considered as being in a purview other than that of the federal government, the Framework specifies that the applicable linguistic regime must take the particular circumstances of the situation into account and that, inasmuch as this regime is less favourable than the previous one, compensatory measures must be provided to affirm official linguistic duality otherwise;
The countries for which he spoke expressed their regret that the wording of the fourth theme in the provisional agenda for the World Conference did not yet enjoy a consensus in the Preparatory Committee with regard to “compensatory measures”, and hoped that consensus would be obtained at its second session, scheduled for May ‧ in Geneva
Every steel producing firm benefiting from restructuring aid shall, as far as possible, provide for compensatory measures balancing the distortion of competition caused by the aid.
In the agricultural sector, the Commission will normally require compensatory measures, in accordance with the principles set out in points ‧ to ‧, to be carried out by all recipients of restructuring aid, whatever their size
The Commission asked Gdańsk Shipyard to provide information so that it could determine whether this proposal constituted a genuine compensatory measure
Poland submitted a proposal for compensatory measures in SSN and undertook to close slipway Wulkan ‧ once the shipbuilding contracts already signed had been implemented, i.e. in March
At this stage of the evolution of the site, even if the assessment is probably unfavourable, for the compensatory measures are not yet completely operational, one will have at least all the necessary indications (influence of installations, new occupations of the ground, control program, evolutionary tendencies) to allow the follow-up on a long-term basis.
The UK authorities have agreed to implement this compensatory measure
Less ambitious kinds of MRAs would include only a partial recognition of the content of the training or be limited to the recognition of the authorities certifying the training and would imply that the host country sets additional requirements for granting access for foreign professionals, usually by requiring compensatory measures
The avoidance of any further delay in abolishing such checks at the common borders even after all the compensatory measures have been implemented is contingent on the necessary preconditions being fulfilled
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