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Any administrative or legislative action, procedure or enactment designed to redress disruptions of ecological integrity or damage to the supply of natural resources. (Source: BLD / RHW)

Example sentences with "compensatory measure", translation memory

Urban poor and landless peasants lost out here , of course , but it was assumed that compensatory measures could be taken in the short term and that the dynamics of accumulation would reintegrate these people in the long term .
One problem with the official discussions between the government and business is that the agenda is already decided in outline: it is only possible to talk about how one project (or a treaty) will be carried out and about compensatory measures, but the project itself is never up for discussion.
Overall, according to Germany, the compensatory measures were also appropriate
The Authority will have regard to the objective of restoring the long-term viability in determining the adequacy of the compensatory measures
In the initial restructuring plan, which did not include the compensatory measures agreed later, the real-estate financing division showed a sustainable RoE of about [> ‧] %
Poland has proposed two alternative compensatory measures
It was concerned with the high density of controls at the outer borders and with the so-called compensatory measures at the internal borders.
A proposed decision under Article 86 EC would exempt certain compensatory measures from the requirement of prior notification. is would be the case with compensation below certain thresholds , as well as with compensation granted for specific public services , notably hospitals and social housing , but also for maritime links to islands granted in accordance with sectoral rules and with an annual traffic not exceeding 100 000 passengers .
To summarise, the Commission lacked important information needed for a proper and sufficiently thorough assessment of the effects of the proposed compensatory measures
In this regard and having regard to the particularities of the air transport market in Cyprus and on the basis that Cyprus Airways has already reduced its fleet and that the former subsidiary Eurocypria will now operate as a legally and financially independent business outside of the ownership and control of Cyprus Airways the Commission can conclude that sufficient compensatory measures have been proposed by the Cypriot authorities to address the market distortions that will be occasioned by the restructuring
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