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Any administrative or legislative action, procedure or enactment designed to redress disruptions of ecological integrity or damage to the supply of natural resources. (Source: BLD / RHW)

Example sentences with "compensatory measure", translation memory

In the present case, however, the information furnished by the French authorities is silent on this point, and the authorities have not transmitted to the Commission certain information referred to in Annex I to the Guidelines, such as a detailed description of the aid (proposing compensatory measures) and market studies, which is essential if the Commission is to be able to rule on the scale of the distortions of competition involved and hence of the compensatory measures needed in order to verify the compatibility of the aid
However, the Commission considered that, in view of the highly competitive nature of this market and of the high amount of the aid, it was likely that some sort of compensatory measure would be necessary for the aid to be compatible, even if this compensatory measure did not consist in irreversibly closing power plants
Therefore by letter of ‧ October ‧ the Commission noted that the issue of the necessary compensatory measures remained unsolved and that Poland should duly inform potential investors interested in acquiring Gdańsk Shipyard about the State aid it had received after Poland acceded to the European Union, and of the need to prepare a credible restructuring plan based on the adoption of genuine compensatory measures
The Commission considers that given the probable effects of the construction of the La Breña ‧ reservoir on the priority species Iberian lynx and the species in Annex I of the Birds Directive, and the likely results from the planned compensatory measures contained in the Compensatory Measures Project prepared by the competent authority, it can be concluded that in the long-term, the overall coherence of the Natura ‧ network will not be significantly affected
Finally, the Commission had doubts about the compensatory measures, since Poland had not shown that the decreases in production referred to in recital ‧ were indeed compensatory measures and not merely the result of external factors such as a decline in demand or the company’s inability to compete on the relevant markets
Since the information submitted was not complete and did not demonstrate that the compensatory measures proposed by Poland for the yard were sufficient, on ‧ July ‧ the Commission adopted a decision pursuant to Article ‧ of Regulation (EC) No ‧/‧ enjoining Poland to submit the information necessary to resolve the issue of compensatory measures at Gdańsk Shipyard
Compensatory measures can take different forms according to whether or not the firm is operating in a market where there is excess capacity. [...] Where [...] there is no Community-wide or EEA-wide structural excess of production capacity in a market served by the recipient, the Commission will nevertheless examine whether compensatory measures should be required
To conclude, the Commission considers that all other compensatory measures suggested by third parties that submitted comments are embedded in the three compensatory measures that were selected by the Commission
Moreover, as regards the absence of compensatory measures, the French authorities indicate that they have already taken meaningful compensatory measures and that they propose to take further such measures
Furthermore, the Commission is of the opinion that, given the close link between the State aid linked to the Austrian State’s sale of its stake in the Austrian Airlines Group and the merger of Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, the compensatory measures envisaged in connection with the State aid must be assessed in the light of the compensatory measures proposed as part of the ongoing merger control procedure
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