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(computing) The condition of being modular in a variety of ways

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It is composed of reservists' associations from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
Sm–Nd data show that the metapelitic gneisses are composed of detritus from heterogeneous, mainly mantle-derived Archean rocks (2.5–2.6 Ga) and that the Sm–Nd system has not been significantly perturbed during subsequent alteration and metamorphic events.
The periodic report had been compiled by a committee composed of representatives from a number of ministries, the National Human Rights Commission and the Federal Character Commission
The Euromime consortium is composed of 7 universities, 3 in south-west Europe and 4 in Latin America. The choice of the partners is guided by both geopolitical logic and teaching coherence.
The Estonian composer, Arvo Pärt, is well known for the spiritual dimension of his music.
I really prefer Rachmaninoff to the heavier romantic composers
It will be composed of experts from various fields in natural health.
At its meetings on 5 November 1996 and 7 January 1997, the Committee on Rules of Procedure adopted a draft resolution confirming the proposal to create a permanent monitoring committee composed of 40 members and approved the report presented by Mrs Lentz-Cornette and contained in Doc.
Our staff is the most important asset of the company composed of young engineers trained in different fields ( mechanical, electrical, electronics) with national and international experience, committed to the mission and goals, and targeted to respond to our customers, characterized by the desire to do better and spirit of collaboration among all groups of the company.
This can be more widely appreciated if we look beyond the figurative arts to the great development of sacred music through this same period, either composed for the liturgy or simply treating religious themes.
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