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(computing) The condition of being modular in a variety of ways

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Example sentences with "composability", translation memory

The anti-fraud committee shall be composed of three outside independent persons who possess outstanding qualifications relevant to the activities of the anti-fraud committee.
Daveluy's many works for organ are published by Éditions Jacques Ostiguy and Éditions Europart-Music, and he has also composed for winds, piano, strings, as well as several choral pieces.
The task force was chaired by a senior management staff member and composed of Directors of relevant Divisions and the Controller.
In France , public education , which catersfor morethan 80 % of pupils , is secular.In the name offreedom of education , private education also exists ; this is mainly composed of Catholic establishmentswhich have a contract with the State .
Aditionally, the Commission has set up- under the auspices of the Air Safety Committee- a European SAFA Steering Group (ESSG) composed of representatives from all of the ‧ Participating States
It was composed of some kind metal that the tricorder couldn' t identify
Composed of one or more layers unbleached and an outside layer bleached, semi-bleached or coloured, weighing per m
To ensure the enjoyment of those rights and to formulate and promote public policies focusing on gender, in ‧ the National Council for Women (CONAMU) was established, reconciling women's demands and government policies, with a board of directors composed of government representatives and national women's organizations, according to a model of shared responsibility between the State and civil society
On ‧ ecember ‧ the General Assembly, then composed of ‧ tates, adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which further elaborated and substantiated the general references to human rights and fundamental freedoms contained in the Charter of the United Nations
Emakimono ( an illustrated scroll ) is a kind of Japanese style painting composed of series of illustrated scenes or stories on a horizontally long screen made up of multiple sheets of rectangular paper ( or silk cloth ) connected side by side .
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