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The act of compromising

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Example sentences with "compromisation", translation memory

If he is able to produce a stable constitution, a political compromise among the contesting parties, and successful elections, he may be able to declare victory.
a ligature s and a kind of 3 so that the ligature resembles a Greek β (a compromise of the second and the third solution).
I am sorry that the committee has not pursued its search for such a compromise to the li mit .
Fourth, despite these initiatives, in a spirit of compromise and good faith, the delegation of Egypt joined the consensus which made it feasible to adopt the resolution to set up an ad hoc committee in ‧ under item ‧ of the CD agenda, “Cessation of the nuclear arms race and nuclear disarmament”
Mr Van Eekelen . — ( NL ) I can only repeat , at rather greater length , that at the Inter-Governmental Confer ence to which the honourable Member refers , the so-called Luxembourg compromise which — in fact was not a compromise at all , because certain Member States have never adhered to it — that this so-called compromise was not on the agenda .
Justification This amendment aims to achieve a compromise between the Council and Parliament.
The Delegation therefore supported the principle according to which the work of the Diplomatic Conference the previous December should continue, starting with a new series of expert discussions to evaluate the possibilities for compromise.
All of us have to work hard to find compromise s in some of the most intractable areas of discussion , and not least of course agriculture .
Probably the Commission will put forward a compromise proposal . Parliament will then firm it up into something akin to a quota , and the Council will reject it .
d) Member States should be invited to follow a balanced approach when combating terrorism, without compromising on respect for the rule of law and the protection of human rights
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