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Definition and similar words in English:

The act of compromising

Example sentences with "compromisation", translation memory

How about a compromise?
He called on Parties to show a willingness to work on the basis of compromise and consensus on the issues before them and adopt a holistic approach, seeking alliances with other related international environmental instruments
EXPLANATORY STATEMENT The primary rationale of Sustainable Development is to enable the present generation to meet its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
I am sorry that the committee has not pursued its search for such a compromise to the li mit .
The whole plan fell apart, totally compromised
Therefore, the aspirations of the people of Western Sahara to self-determination and national independence cannot be compromised
It was for the sake of compromise that the Group accepted a joint proposal made by Pakistan and the United States
Born of a marriage, or compromise, between prophecy and retrospection, this Convention has been rightly called a constitution for the oceans
The decision to alter the target debt structure is aimed at reducing borrowing costs for the Government without compromising debt cost stability.
Using the very latest technologies for combating viruses, spam and any other types of attacks that could compromise corporate data.
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