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The act of compromising

Example sentences with "compromisation", translation memory

I believe that it is easy to reach a compromise on Kosovo.
in writing. - We are in agreement with the main thrust of the compromise report and are therefore voting for it.
This increasing reliance on information systems has highlighted the need to provide solutions that meet the automation needs of the Department of Field Support and that facilitate the availability of relevant information without compromising the need to secure and safeguard the Organization's invaluable information stored as data
I shall therefore be voting in favour of this compromise and I feel the Commission should accept it.
My teacher...... Katherine Watson, lived by her own definition...... and would not compromise that
The tone of this compromise resolution is voluntaristic and positive.
The report is excellent and, by tabling constructive proposals and also holding intensive negotiations with colleagues, Mr Harbour has really managed to strike a good compromise, which met with broad support in the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Single Market and will - I am sure - also find favour tomorrow in the plenary.
- Consideration of compromise amendments - Deadline for tabling amendments: 10.01.2007 12:00 2005/2242(INI) Speakers:
Yesterday, at the compromise meeting, doubts were expressed as to whether or not we should include a specific case, but his words convinced me. They convinced me perhaps because in Portugal too, the issue of children disappearing and of the terrible suffering endured by the families - and some cases in Portugal have been dragging on for years - is also an issue which is of constant concern to us, given the impotence of the State and of police forces.
We had made a great effort to compromise. We accepted all the socialist rapporteur's proposals.
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