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A permit would not be granted if there was any reason to believe the goods would be diverted to Osama bin Laden, al Qaida or Taliban. This is enforced by Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency and relevant police authorities
37 Shake thyself from the dust; arise, sit down, O Jerusalem; loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.
Among the most important results are the following: theoretically predicted magnetospheres of the outer planets (MoP) waves formed outside the heliopause in the process of the penetration of grains of interstellar dust into the heliosphere; discovery of the large-scale north-south asymmetry of the solar wind; study of the effects of the interstellar magnetic field on the termination shocks, heliopause and the bow shock under the condition of an aligned magnetohydrodynamic flow; analysis of the multifractal spectrum of the solar wind flow
The Commission finally proposed a limit value for hardwood dust of five milligrams per cubic metre, which is very high.
Commission Regulation (EC) No ‧/‧ of ‧ August ‧ amending for the ‧th time Council Regulation (EC) No ‧/‧ imposing certain specific restrictive measures directed against certain persons and entities associated with Usama bin Laden, the Al-Qaida network and the Taliban
We' re going to dust it down
Subsidiary company of ThyssenKrupp AG, KH Mineral has been supplying specialized equipment to the mineral processing and materials handling industries for over 50 years and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in terms of equipment design, function and performance relating to crushing, screening, drying and dust collection systems.
In addition, when the incomplete vehicle is laden to its mass M according to the situation described in ‧.‧.‧, or when the complete or completed vehicle in running order is laden to its mass M as described in the Appendix to Annex ‧ to Council Directive ‧/EEC, the mass corresponding to the load on each axle must not exceed the mass mi on this axle, and the mass corresponding to the load on each solo axle or on the group of axles must not exceed the mass μj on this group of axles
Fuel 77 The quantities of waste crankcase oils (millions of litres) recycled in re-refineries, used for fuel and as a dust suppressant, and disposed of to land, landfills, and sewers in 1990 in Canada.
Several studies have detected components of C-PentaBDE in indoor air and dust stemming from products like textiles, furniture and electronic devices (Shoeib et al ‧ tapleton et al ‧ and Wilford et al
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