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Indeed, sharp criticism was levelled at the political campaigns launched by the Swiss People's Party/Centre Democratic Union (SVP/UDC) on this subject and, inter alia, posters such as one showing the hands of persons of colour trying to catch Swiss passports in a basket or a poster showing Osama Bin Laden on a Swiss identity card with the subtitle “don't be fooled”
Although the Council of Transport Ministers had proposed that tolls and/or user charges be applicable only to vehicles with a permissible laden weigh of 12 tonnes or more, the Committee took the view that lorries of 3,5 tonnes or more should be covered by the Directive by 2010 at the latest.
Let' s shake some dust!
• Vacuum regularly to reduce your exposure to dust.
highway maintenance and to stabilize road base mixtures after pulverization. Of these three uses, dust control accounts for approximately 97% of total use (Morin and Perchanok, 2000).
Of course the sensor remains sensitive to dust but this can eventually be removed using a pair of bellows or special sensor brushes.
Waste tanned leather (blue sheetings, shavings, cuttings, buffing dust) containing chromium
emissions of odours and dust
Not if the dust particles are the same color as the carpet
The test chamber shall contain dust as specified in paragraph ‧ below
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