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Plural form of graduand.

Example sentences with "graduands", translation memory

A short briefing for Graduands will be provided in MK350 on the day of Convocation at 1300 hrs.
The graduate is required to provide to the employer a Graduand’s Certificate, signed by a co-op education co-ordinator or authorized signing officer at the post-secondary institution, certifying that the graduate, or prospective graduate, has completed the course requirements for the CETC program.
The Research Studios Austria are offering grants and project support to doctoral students, graduands and interns.
With the CareerTeaser the Career Journal offers students and graduands a publication with high user value – and companies an ideal medium to conduct Employer Branding in the target group relevant for for companies early on.
For all other military graduands the dress will be 1 A (with medals, no gloves).
Graduation hoods and gowns may be signed out by ROTP, RETP, UTPNCM graduands as of 08 Nov 2010 at Currie Hall mezzanine.
For civilian graduands semi formal attire (business suit or equivalent) is to be worn.
It was therefore an occasion of great joy as friends and family members from around Lagos State and beyond came together to witness the 51st graduation ceremony of the Life Theological Seminary, Ikorodu, Lagos as they fecilitated with the graduands.
All graduands will require a graduation hood.
Although the number who do so is quite small--1.5% of the 300,000 1995 Canadian graduands were living in the US in the summer of 1997--(Frank and Bélair 2000:23), they tend to be among the academically top performers.
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