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"To own the truth, I should be inconsolable if you were to leave Vincennes."
Stan Douglas’ two projector, single-screen film installation INCONSOLABLE MEMORIES uses the Cuban film classic MEMORIES OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT as its foundational text.
Less commonly, fever equal to or greater than ‧ °C, tenderness at the injection site, prolonged inconsolable crying and redness and/or induration > ‧ cm at the injection site or swelling of the entire limb have been reported
He' d cry inconsolably
Nevertheless, something terrible happens and Heil, like a mother who suffers the irreparable loss of her children, cries inconsolably at the barbaric destruction of “Adam” and “Eve”, who are for a second time expelled from their earthly paradise - the “Egg World” paradise created by Eli Heil. Fortunately, Heil does not give up so easily.
He was inconsolable because of his wife' s death
They were inconsolable
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That is, to collaborate in the treatment through emotions, to bring about a positive reaction in the feelings of babies crying inconsolably in incubators, helping to relieve the tension of a patient with the sound of a sweet voice and guitar.
CLINICAL PRACTICE Update Treating infants’ colic Alex L. Rogovik, PHD, MD Ran D. Goldman, MD ABSTRACT QUESTION Young parents often visit my office because their infants are crying inconsolably.
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