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Example sentences with "inconsolate", translation memory

The parents and friends of Captain Snyder are inconsolable.
That is, to collaborate in the treatment through emotions, to bring about a positive reaction in the feelings of babies crying inconsolably in incubators, helping to relieve the tension of a patient with the sound of a sweet voice and guitar.
I feel... inconsolable
Other more severe neurologic events, such as a prolonged convulsion or encephalopathy, although rare, have been reported in temporal association with DTP administration.<10> In August 1991, the Institute of Medicine released a report entitled Adverse Effects of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines which examined 18 adverse events in relation to DTP vaccine.<10,11> The committee found that there is a causal relation between DTP vaccine and anaphylaxis and between the pertussis component of DTP vaccine and extended periods of inconsolable crying and screaming.
We bathed together in the cool water from the jars, we kissed, we wept, and again it was unto death, but this time, already, the pleasure it gave was inconsolable.
Inconsolable, I fear
If I were a Russian mother and his body were returned to me in a body bag, I would be inconsolable.
He was absolutely inconsolable
Srebrenica stands as a symbol of horror and inconsolable grief. Remembrance is as painful as it is necessary.
The slave reached out and took Rhulads head in his hands, as a mother might an inconsolable child.
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