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Example sentences with "inconsolate", translation memory

Butthere' d be a ten- minute period there... when I would just be inconsolable
He was apparentluy inconsolable
By that her eye was instantly caught and long retained; and the perusal of the highly strained epitaph, in which every virtue was ascribed to her by the inconsolable husband, who must have been in some way or other her destroyer, affected her even to tears.
Nately slipped out behind her; and when Yossarian and Aarfy entered the officers' apartment almost two hours later, there she was again, stepping into her panties and skirt, and it was almost like the chaplain's recurring sensation of having been through a situation before, except for Nately, who was moping inconsolably with his hands in his pockets.
I think this can best be described as formless screaming: there were no words, as far as I could determine, and to a lay person, at least, the Complainant cried inconsolably, like an infant.
It was harmless... until robert got drafted. and then a few months later, he went missing. i was inconsolable
Jimenez's fiancee, Claudia Barrantes, cried inconsolably as the red-and-white flags were dragged off the metal coffins that were then opened to allow the families to look on their loved ones for the last time.
He was absolutely inconsolable
I mean, he is inconsolable, and I can' t blame him, folks
We bathed together in the cool water from the jars, we kissed, we wept, and again it was unto death, but this time, already, the pleasure it gave was inconsolable.
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