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I do not approve of this, because what we want is to maintain the internal cohesion of the European institutions and the balance between all of them.
The Donors' Conference, scheduled for 24 October in Madrid, will be a good opportunity to consolidate this international cohesion, provided - and I appeal urgently to the countries taking part - that as many countries as possible are generous and willing to help.
The political scientist Fred Riggs (1964, 1973) argued that many developing societies have lost their internal cohesion as a result of their encounter with modernity.
Finally and in summary, ensuring external competitiveness and reconciling it with internal cohesion requires more effective intervention mechanisms. Effective economic policy coordination in favour of growth and jobs is only one of these.
However, this has come at the cost of a diverse stream of initiatives, in some cases lacking internal cohesion and external coherence, and potentially crowding-out the key coordination and brokering roles that UNDP had found so effective in Ethiopia.
We therefore need, not only for the internal cohesion of the European Union, but also for its credibility in the eyes of the rest of the world, a common political stance, notably on points as basic as the issuing of visas.
• Shared identity, clarity of roles and responsibilities and good governance First strategic intent Acknowledged authority in monetary and financial matters Building on its solid constitutional basis, its independence and its internal cohesion, the Eurosystem, the central banking system of the euro area, shall act as the monetary authority of the euro area and as a leading financial authority, fully recognised inside and outside Europe.
Europe's internal cohesion is one of the most important tasks with which we are faced.
We entrust the Secretariat with the pursuit of the objectives set out in the Agreement of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, which are designed to strengthen Ibero-American cooperation, internal cohesion and the promotion of the Ibero-American community of nations at the international level
Several Articles of the new Federal Constitution may be linked to the language policy: Article 2 entrusts the Confederation with the promotion of internal cohesion and cultural diversity in Switzerland; Article 4 states that the national languages of
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