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Notes that the real economic growth in the European Union is characterised by old and new divergences, with the lowest growth rates in Portugal (‧,‧% of GDP) and Italy (‧,‧ %), and high growth rates among the EU-‧ in Spain (‧,‧ %), Greece (‧,‧ %) and, in particular, Sweden (‧ %), Finland (‧,‧ %) and Luxembourg (‧,‧ %); notes that the new Member States are registering particularly high growth rates in Slovakia (‧,‧ %), Lithuania (‧,‧ %), Estonia (‧,‧ %) and Latvia (‧ %); underlines that these divergences also reflect important structural differences, different domestic economic policies and demographic structures as well as asymmetric impacts of common policies, illustrating underlying risks to the European Union's internal cohesion; therefore stresses the need for policies that strengthen economic cohesion and thus foster the internal market and monetary union
The Fourth Progress Report on Cohesion2 confirmed that the enlargement of the Union to 25 Member States, later to 27 or more, presents an unprecedented opportunity to reinforce both economic competitiveness and the internal cohesion in Europe.
I am worried about this and would therefore have liked to see, amongst the many recitals in the report, at least a hint, a recommendation, a spur to greater internal cohesion in the Union.
But the lesson of the "Age of catastrophe", to borrow Eric Hobsbawm’s term, was that social cohesion within a nation is not enough.9 Drawing the lesson from the two devastating wars, Europeans were looking for institutions that would safeguard not only intranational, but also international cohesion.
Given the increasing dominance of capital cities as places that generate wealth, industry and jobs, particularly in certain new Member States and the strong correlation between GDP growth rates and inflation, the governments and civil society of the countries set to join the euro area should give particular consideration to the impact of the transition to the single currency on their internal cohesion
Without internal cohesion there can be no external competitiveness. Closing the gap with underdeveloped areas would mean wider markets, effective demand and innovative potential for the entire Union while requiring less social care.
We travelled numerous times to movement-controlled areas of Darfur and to locations in the region, and urged the movements to build internal cohesion
I must start by congratulating the Belgian Presidency and because, after all, they do all have names, by offering my special congratulations to the deputy prime minister, Mr Michel, who took centre stage at the Conference and managed to maintain internal cohesion between the Member States throughout and, at the same time, to shoulder the main burden of negotiations at global level.
Now her continuity as a people, her internal cohesion, and her capacity to be competitive and – as a consequence of all this – to improve the wellbeing of the Catalan people is also at stake.
Finally and in summary, ensuring external competitiveness and reconciling it with internal cohesion requires more effective intervention mechanisms. Effective economic policy coordination in favour of growth and jobs is only one of these.
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