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It further noted that numerous remote sensing satellites had contributed to determining various water management indicators, such as precipitation, snow cover, soil moisture, changes in underground water storage, flood inundation areas, estimates of evaporation, surface temperature, wind speed, short- and long-wave radiation, vegetation type and health, the impact of land use and climate variability on groundwater recharge, groundwater-related biomass concentrations and digital elevations, as well as river flows and water highs in large rivers and lakes
Flooding was at previously unknown levels, inundating areas that people normally treated as safe high ground
El Pantanal, Swampland, is one of the largest inundated areas in the world.
Bangladesh – floods Heavy rain inundated areas of south west Bangladesh whichare traditionally flood-free .
The damages are caused chiefly by a reduction in the natural ability of river basins to hold back water, and also by the careless intervention of man in the environment, for example by regulating flows, by placing buildings and businesses in flood-prone areas and by reducing the size of natural inundation areas.
quality and extent which more than compensates for any loss of river channel and flood plain fish habitat in the inundated areas and any habitat modified by channelization downstream of the dams.
This was done to accommodate the archaeological examination of these now inundated areas.
Ten rare species, of which six are also found in the inundation area of the Rafferty Reservoir, grow in the area to be flooded by the Alameda Reservoir.
Top Biology This annual plant is usually found in periodically inundated areas.
5.6 Mineral Resources The Panel notes that the SBDA has proposed to initially keep the reservoirs filled at a level such that the oil resource within the inundation areas can be fully utilized in both reservoirs.
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