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Definition and similar words in English:

  • na-type adjective   
    A type of adjective in the Japanese language. Its dictionary form ends in na (な).
  • nominal adjective   
    na-adjective (adj-na)
  • quasi-adjective   
    na-adjective (adj-na)
  • adjectival noun   
    na-adjective (adj-na)
    A type of adjective in the Japanese language. Its dictionary form ends in na (な).

Example sentences with "na-adjective", translation memory

Sub-threshold (adjective): below the absolute threshold
A (Description of addition to invention for a patent) A (Opisanie na izobretenie po avtorsko svidetelstvo) (Description of invention for an inventor’s certificate) - Published in accordance with the Law of 1968, Art. 23 - First, only level of publication - Published in multiple copies - Published from 1954 (No.
The molecular model, developed by Jaswal for [100] aligned impurity pairs, has been extended to account for [110] aligned pairs and used to study U center (H−H− and D−D−) pairs in KCl and (Cl−Cl− and Na+Na+)-induced pair–modes in the gap of KI.
Ovaj Zakon stupa na snagu 1. sije�nja 2004.
(NA-3 / NA-4) general-purpose portable or permanently installed platform scales / bench scales / floor scales / hopper scales / tank scales / bagging scales / crane scales / monorail scales / postal scales / railway track scales / vehicle scales Inspection type: initial factory inspection / initial field inspection / subsequent factory inspection / subsequent field inspection / factory re-inspection / field re-inspection Revised: 2007-03-01 Previous page | Main page
More likely Less likely Make no difference DK/NA
Na dem koko greedy dem selfish
In Slovak: Produkt určeny na spracovanie podľa článku ‧ písm. b) a c) nariadenia (ES) č
Response ASASa ‧ na
The partial derogation from TSI Noise and TSI Freight Wagons requested by Luxembourg on ‧ September ‧ for LOHR wagons type NA and AFA in accordance with Article ‧(d) of Directive ‧/‧/EC is granted with the following limitations
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