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Definition and similar words in English:

  • na-type adjective   
    A type of adjective in the Japanese language. Its dictionary form ends in na (な).
  • nominal adjective   
    na-adjective (adj-na)
  • quasi-adjective   
    na-adjective (adj-na)
  • adjectival noun   
    A type of adjective in the Japanese language. Its dictionary form ends in na (な).
    na-adjective (adj-na)

Example sentences with "na-adjective", translation memory

The name Aceto Balsamico di Modena may not be qualified in any way, even in numerical form, other than by those adjectives expressly provided for in this specification, including extra, fine, scelto, selezionato, riserva, superiore, classico or similar
The latter certainly have in common the word 'mundi', which, although it does not correspond to any word in the Spanish language, has a certain evocative force in that it is very close, having regard also to its meaning in Latin ('of the world'), to the noun 'mundo' (world) and the adjective 'mundial' (global).
Thus, after 4 h, the quantity of K+ in M. disstria increased from 99 to 229 mg/100 mL and Na+ from 26.5 to 50.3 mg/100 mL while that of Ca2+ decreased from 5.8 to 1.2 mg/100 mL.
Prohlédněte si detailně celý areál Residence Prokopova na prezentačním videu.
Check the normality of the reagent thus obtained (Cu ‧ N, Na‧CO‧ N). The pH must be approximately
It is estimated that 37 percent of North American (NA) firms that have put in place logistics and SCM KPI corporate wide measurement applications have achieved a decrease of 15 percent or more in shipment delays compared to only 7 percent of firms that did not measure those KPI consistently4.
Trust Indenture Supplement No. 12 (GATX Trust 95-2) dated January 18, 2000, between State Street Bank and Trust Company and Bank One Trust Company, NA; 3.
For was replaced by the Common Administrative instance, the NA published and distributed Records Disposition the final version of Authorities Managing Electronic (CARDA). Like the Records in an Electronic Leaders in the management of government GRDS, the CARDA Work Environment and information Under the leadership of the National is an indispensable provided exhaustive advice Archives, the new Information Management tool for the sound on the implementation of Forum provides a central focus for management of these new guidelines.
Furthermore, the cardiomyocytes of both species exposed to strontium in place of external calcium still exhibited all the effects observed when reducing the Na+ gradient.
Most important issue facing the regulation and management of marine mammals in Canada Sustainability/protection/extinction/Impact on endangered species/preservation of habitat 21 Pollution 7 Poor management of marine mammals by the DFO 6 Over-fishing or over-hunting by foreigners 4 Over-hunting of seals 3 Seal hunting 3 Over-fishing or over-hunting by Canadians 3 Seals eating fish stocks (eg. cod)/nuisance seals 3 Freedom of mammals 2 Aboriginal issues 1 Overpopulation of seals 1 Enforcing regulations 1 Inhumane treatment/nets/ unfair fishing methods 1 Poor scientific data * dk/na 47 * Less than one percent
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