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Definition and similar words in English:

  • na-type adjective   
    A type of adjective in the Japanese language. Its dictionary form ends in na (な).
  • nominal adjective   
    na-adjective (adj-na)
  • quasi-adjective   
    na-adjective (adj-na)
  • adjectival noun   
    na-adjective (adj-na)
    A type of adjective in the Japanese language. Its dictionary form ends in na (な).

Example sentences with "na-adjective", translation memory

Portfólio vlastných zdrojov ECB pozostáva z investičných protipoložiek k splatenému základnému imaniu ECB, ako aj z prostriedkov priebežne uložených vo v š eobecnom rezervnom fonde a v rezerve vytvorenej na krytie rizík súvisiacich so zmenou výmenných kurzov, úrokových mier a ceny zlata
The participants at the Conference invited the Committee of experts on nationality (CJ-NA) to consider in particular the following topics: - the preparation of draft protocols to the European Convention on nationality (in particular concerning statelessness, including the statelessness of children, and concerning State succession). - conditions for the acquisition and loss of nationality (legal conditions and effectiveness of conditions).
Não, desde que você re-instale o software na mesma pasta.
Location of major airports under the National Airports System (NAS) in Canada (Transport Canada, 1999b) As in the past, there will be no legislative requirement to continue GMPs and GOMPs.
Input–output values indicate a net loss of Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, and Na+; Cl− slowly accumulated, N was strongly retained, and SO42− was generally in balance.
Nickel (and its compounds) NA Y 1 p,p'-Methylenebis-(2-chloroaniline) 101-14-4
Since 2000, NA! has approved training for 326 individuals in 16 initiatives.
Why don' t you have another beer, you adjective- throwing
Re spira Resp ira tory Dise ase i n C a na da a se in an ad a Editorial Board
Menadžer nogometaša londonskog Tottenhama Harry Redknapp realno je ocijenio vrlo lošu izvedbu njegovih igrača koji su u 3. kolu engleskog prvenstva na svom White Hart Laneu izgubili od Wigana 1-0.
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