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In addition, where a resident person pays or credits an amount to a partnership that is not a Canadian partnership because not all of its members are resident in Canada, paragraph 212(13.1)(b) deems that particular partnership to be a non-resident person and therefore subject to tax under section 212.
Extensive negotiations are required for building effective and equal partnerships between stakeholders, in particular, partnerships between government institutions and civil society organizations
174 (III) held at all times after the later of October 1, 1987 and the day on which the particular interest was created, by the same persons or partnerships that held the particular interest at those times; or (e) a particular partnership any of the members of which is at that time (i) another partnership, except if (A) each such other partnership is a Canadian partnership, 10 5
In particular, partnerships or information-sharing arrangements with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, respectively, will better integrate the research and development system with that for health care delivery.
The conditions set out in clauses (e)(ii)(A) and (B) (i.e., that must be met in order for the particular partnership not to be a designated beneficiary of the particular trust where subparagraph (e)(ii) otherwise applies) are that:
Paragraph (e) of the definition is amended to clarify that, under subparagraph (e)(i), a designated beneficiary of a particular trust includes a particular partnership any of the members of which is another partnership or a person who is or would, if the person were at that time a beneficiary of the particular trust, be a designated beneficiary of the particular trust because of paragraphs (a), (b) or (d) of the definition.
In particular, partnerships between international and domestic civil society must be strengthened in negotiating access, monitoring abuse, especially where international monitoring is not possible, and facilitating dialogue with political actors on the ground
(12.42) For the purposes of subsections (12.4) and (12.41), where a person or partnership is a member of a particular partnership and a particular amount described in subsection (12.4) becomes receivable by the particular partnership in a fiscal period of the particular partnership, (a) the member’s share of the particular amount is deemed to be an amount that became receivable by the member at the end of the fiscal period; and
In particular, partnerships between Governments and organizations at the community, national and regional levels must be strengthened to improve access to prevention, treatment and care for all mobile populations, regardless of immigration or residence status
Substantive progress was made in all three countries in institutionalizing the project, as it was included in official literacy plans and received ‧ per cent of its funding from national sources, as well as in forming inter-agency and intersectoral linkages among Government agencies, international cooperation and civil society organizations, in particular partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private companies under the rubric of corporate social responsibility
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