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Definition and similar words in English:

Of a woman: fairly short and of slim build.
Of women's clothing: of small size.
Small, little; insignificant; petty
  • tiny   
    Very small in size.
  • lilliputian   
    Very small in size.
  • diminutive   
    Very small in size.
  • midget   
    Very small in size.
  • bantam   
    Very small in size.
  • flyspeck   
    Very small in size.
  • Example sentences with "petite", translation memory

    Therefore, he cannot be required to exhaust legislative or administrative remedies, including those under the Petitions Act or National Compensation Act
    The Delegation was particularly grateful for the nomination of Ambassador Petit, who was well known in Geneva and in WIPO, and expressed its thanks to all the Member States that had supported the proposals of the Director General.
    Speaker, pursuant to Standing Order ‧, I would like to table the following petition which comes from the constituents of my beautiful riding of Lethbridge
    The secretariat of President Viktor Yushchenko prepared a petition to the Verkhovna Rada about appointing current deputy Prosecutor General Mykola Holomsha a new Prosecutor General.
    Speaker, the first petition I present today calls upon parliament to advocate the adoption of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade report regarding reducing the political value of nuclear weapons for the ‧st century
    For example, the name of the Petit Saguenay River wildlife sanctuary is now designated as a controlled zone (ZEC) and its name must be changed in the Regulations.
    FOLLOWING PRESENTATION The Government is required to present a response to each petition within 45 sitting days of its tabling. If it fails to do so, the matter of the failure to respond is automatically referred to a standing committee.
    Plusieurs appartements de petites surfaces avec terrasse au coeur de guéliz , entre 35 m2 et 114 m2 . pour plus d'informations contactez nous.
    Speaker, I would like to introduce a petition signed by petitioners who believe that the MAI is anti-democratic in so far as it would be binding for ‧ years, thus tying the hands of several Parliaments and future governments
    Speaker, I have the honour to present a petition that expresses concern about refugees being left in limbo after they have been declared convention refugees
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