pronunciation: IPA: pəˈtiːt /pəˈtiːt/ , SAMPA: /p@"ti:t/ p@"ti:t
part of speech: adjv
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Definition and similar words in English:

Of a woman: fairly short and of slim build.
Of women's clothing: of small size.
Small, little; insignificant; petty
  • tiny   
    Very small in size.
  • lilliputian   
    Very small in size.
  • diminutive   
    Very small in size.
  • midget   
    Very small in size.
  • bantam   
    Very small in size.
  • flyspeck   
    Very small in size.
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    Example sentences with "petite", translation memory

    The petition submitted by one organization only, namely, the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society, challenging the constitutionality of the new Act was filed on ‧ arch
    As today could be the last opportunity during this legislature for discussion of our mutual cooperation in the Committee on Petitions and with the European Parliament, it is perhaps the right moment to try to summarize what we have achieved together so far.
    Probability estimates for annual survival of adults in Tennessee were about 53% for males and 47% for females (Petit 1999).
    Il manque un peu de mobilier dans la chambre, c'est à dire une chaise et chevet vu que cette chambre est destinée à un couple. Lors de la réservation il était noté que le petit déjeuner était à 7 € alors qu'à l'hôtel il est à 7,50 € vous devriez changer vos tarifs sur votre site.
    I feel that you will be hearing a lot more about the Committee on Petitions . I would also hope for a generous measure of support from my colleagues and from Parliament as such for this committee , which is so outward-looking and generates such favourable publicity for the European Parliament .
    Main Points What we examined This is the annual report that the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development provides to Parliament on the environmental petitions process as required by the Auditor General Act.
    ( b ) From the Committee on the Rules of Procedure and Petitions :
    No 2-357 / 151 of petitions which calls on the Ministers for Foreign Affairs meeting within the framework of political cooperation to request their respective governments to make an immediate start on procedures to ratify the Council of Europe Convention .
    Such a petition is a matter of court procedure
    The administration will consider the petition... suggesting that we change the school motto to
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