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Plural form of saprotroph.

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Key words: basidiomycetes, saprotrophic fungi, mycorrhizal fungi, fungi–vegetation relationships, Mantel test, ordination.
It may be a weak pathogen, a saprotroph on senescent root tissues, or a mutualist.
Key words: competition, spruce needle litter, saprotrophic fungi, Scleroconidioma sphagnicola, oxidative enzymes.
Calostoma, nrITS, ectomycorrhizae, saprotrophic, isotope, molecular ecology, fungal ecology.
Ericoid fungi have a relevant saprotrophic potential, as they can degrade several organic polymers present in the soil matrices.
A direct ordination using both vegetation and fungi descriptors indicated that some of the covariation in the saprotrophic fungi and the bottom layer might be coordinated responses to changes in the field layer.
Thirty-seven isolates of saprotrophic fungi represented 32 species of 22 genera; 98 isolates of mycorrhizal fungi represented 51 species of 16 genera.
This study addressed competition of Scleroconidioma sphagnicola Tsuneda, Currah & Thormann with saprotrophic ascomycetes and basidiomycetes.
Indirect ordination showed that the ectomycorrhizal fungi mainly responded to a gradient in cover of the field layer, whereas the saprotrophs seemed to respond to a complex gradient of cover of field and bottom layer, moisture, and paludification.
Ectomycorrhizal fungi and saprotrophic microorganisms coexist and interact in the mycorrhizosphere.
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