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Definition and similar words in English:

Present participle of scrunt.

Example sentences with "scrunting", translation memory

It is only through a mirror that one can see the eyes of a scrunt in the grass
What is the J. G. scrunt' s reaction?
If the Guardian looks directly into the scrunt' s eyes...... it will be compelled to stay frozen or move backwards
She said the story her grandmother told said, the Scrunt has a poison to kill a Narf, but, she said Narf can protect themselves
She said only a rogue scrunt will break the law of that night...... because most scrunts are afraid
Such as itchy scrunt
The Guardian has instincts of when the scrunt will attack
The J. G. scrunt will not be able to attack
The guardian can control his mention and the scrunt doesn' t rot to attack
The guardian has instincts as much as it attacks the scrunt
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