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Alternative spelling of sovereigntist.

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As long as the Member States, in an approach comparable to that adopted in the European defence equipment market, continue to insist on promoting, internally, a sovereignist and anachronistic protectionism and, externally, a liberalism that is more 'Adam Smithian' than Adam Smith's, then Europe will remain out of step in a world in which all the principal actors regard energy as an eminently political and strategic issue.
The Bloc Quebecois is very pleased to welcome the Minister of External Affairs into the sovereignist camp, as he has just shown that we share many views on sovereignty
I regret that President Cox is no longer in the chair, if I may say so, as I would have liked to say to him directly - although I am sure that you will pass on my comments - that, in France, many sectors of public - and especially sovereignist - opinion believe that the positions we adopted on Monday on the outcome of the presidential elections in France are not only null and void and have no effect, but above all, they mark a very serious dereliction of the duty of impartiality that must be respected by any Parliament's president, on the one hand, and even more so by an international rather than supranational Parliament, which has no place interfering in the political affairs of a Member State.
I can assure hon. members that if they were to accept our partnership offer, because we sovereignists are giving them that chance, an offer of partnership after a vote in favour of sovereignty, everything the hon. member said about economic growth and employment in Canada and Quebec would be settled
To most Quebeckers, federalists or sovereignists, the word national refers to Quebec and not Canada
[English] The reputations of too many sincere federalist Quebecers have been destroyed over the last few years between federalists, and the only ones who win in this type of argument are the sovereignists.
The NDP is not the same political party as the Bloc Quebecois, and I know its members are not necessarily sovereignists
– Mr President, representatives of the nations of Europe, ladies and gentlemen, obviously we French sovereignists will be voting against this report, but we would like to underline the fact that this debate is not really a debate at all. Essentially, as we well know, the decision was made some time ago: not in 1999 in Helsinki, not even in Europe, but in Washington, several years earlier, and it was moreover announced by President Clinton when he visited Istanbul in 1997.
The spirit and the letter of this statement, which can be said to underlie the evolution of the sovereignist movement in Quebec, is being questioned, denied and rejected in the supposed clarity bill
It is highly unlikely that person would be a friend of the Quebec sovereignist regime
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