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Alternative spelling of sovereigntist.

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Example sentences with "sovereignist", translation memory

After denying the existence of the Quebec culture, and now having his minister deny the existence of Quebec's traditional demands, will the Prime Minister confirm that, whoever the Quebec premier is, whether this person is a federalist or a sovereignist, and regardless of the promises made by him in the last referendum, his only vision of federalism is his own and that he will not change it one bit?
Today, they are trying to convince us that it was the sovereignists who did so
[English] The reputations of too many sincere federalist Quebecers have been destroyed over the last few years between federalists, and the only ones who win in this type of argument are the sovereignists.
This is why the sovereignist leaders have no choice but to foster confusion and ambiguity
While advocating a sovereign Quebec, the Bloc Quebecois is asking all Quebecers, whether they are federalists or sovereignists, Socialists, Liberals, Conservatives, ADQ or PQ supporters, to rally around and join forces to fight for the democratic rights of Quebeckers as well as for their institutions and their freedom to decide their future
As well, there is division among the sovereignists on the holding of a referendum
At the press conference, I was left with the impression that we are dealing with partisan appointments, something I have always stayed away from, as the whole sovereignist movement has done
That may be the reason why today the sovereignist forces are so strong in Quebec
This is not the sovereignists talking, but the Canadian Medical Association
This sovereignist notion was also in the air during the ‧s
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