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(8481.80.91) Dry/Break Connector – TS (former TRS No. 103783) A spring-loaded, quick-connect coupling used to connect an ink storage bin to a pump in an ink transfer system.
Although the spring-loaded discharge valve would appear to operate much as a simple lever, when viewed in its entirety, the product in issue has at least as many mechanical features as several of the mechanical appliances mentioned as examples in the Explanatory Notes to heading No. 82.10, i.e. bottle openers and corkers, mechanical can openers, and egg, cream or mayonnaise beaters and mixers.
A check valve is a spring-loaded valve that allows flow in one direction but prevents flow in the reverse direction.
Look for self locking heavy duty spring loaded pins for adjusting seat heights, and lengths.
“(a) Insofar as the list of substances (Appendix ‧ ) prescribes anti-explosion protection, a vapour pipe connecting two or more cargo tanks shall be fitted, at the connection to each cargo tank, with a flame arrester with a fixed or spring-loaded plate stack, capable of withstanding a detonation
The wear adjustment system of the SAC – consisting of the sensor-diaphragm spring (load sensor) and the deep-drawn steel adjuster ring – is characterized by very high functional precision.
A cam is a mechanical linkage which translates motion.Cam may also refer to: River Cam , a river in Cambridgeshire, England Cam Brook, Somerset a small river in Somerset, England Cam, Gloucestershire , a village in Gloucestershire, England Webcam or cam, as an abbreviation for camera Cam (bootleg) , a form of motion picture copying Calmodulin , a well-known protein, abbreviated "CaM" Camelopardalis , standard astronomical abbreviation Camarilla (fan club) , as slang for the literary fanclub Spring-loaded camming device a type of rock climbing protection equipmentShort for the names Camille , Camden , or Cameron (As a verb) To manipulate a remote viewpoint or "virtual camera" in computer games or virtual worlds.
Shells for non-flammable refrigerated liquefied gases and hydrogen may in addition have frangible discs in parallel with the spring-loaded devices as specified in ‧.‧.‧ and
Alternatively, the first two sentences of ‧ should read. “ Tanks intended for the carriage of compressed or liquefied or dissolved gases of classification codes ‧ and ‧ shall be fitted with spring loaded safety valves
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