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(statistics) Any of the two points that divide an ordered distribution into three parts, each containing a third of the population.
(statistics) Any one of the three groups so divided.

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Some industry-based validity studies support this idea.3,57 In the community-based setting, Fritschi et al. found that three experienced expert raters working independently were able to identify 64%, 70% and 80% of past occupational exposures, respectively, across a variety of workplaces.58 As well, in the present study, we observed no statistically significant trends in over- or underreporting across three time periods of expert assessment (PAH exposures were sorted in order of expert assessment and then split into tertiles; trends in percent under- and overreporting were p > 0.05, respectively, in Mantel-Haenzsel chisquare tests for trend), thus providing some evidence of expert consistency over time (data not shown).
Dichotomous/nominal/ordinal responses were coded as in the original questionnaire, and the few continuous variables were categorized into tertiles.
Participants were grouped into physical activity level categories by AEE and physical activity intensity (based on MET values), and physical activity level changes were determined from movement between tertiles of AEE from baseline to follow-up.
For each quarter, the average returns on equity are reported for the top, middle, and bottom tertiles.
Subjects were characterized by dividing the entire cohort into tertiles based on the TG:HDL-C (T1 < 0.86 vs. T2= 0.86 to 1.35 vs. T3 > 1.35, respectively).
A recent study of neurobehavioral deficits associated with PCBs in 7-year-old children prenatally exposed to seafood neurotoxicants in the Faroe Islands now suggests that the PCB-associated neurobehavioral deficits detected within the highest tertile of mercury exposure involved a possible interaction between methylmercury and PCBs (Grandjean et al., Neurotox.
Food source Vitamin C (lowest vs highest tertile) Manganese Vitamin A Retinol Beta carotene, vitamin E, zinc and selenium Vitamin E (/10 mg) Beta carotene (/1 mg) Vitamin C (/100 mg) Flavonoids (/10 mg) Vitamins A, B, C, E and beta carotene From supplements:
The tertile with the steepest slope that was significantly different from the all-data model was reported and assumed to reflect the most sensitive of the groups.
OR = 3.53, 95% CI = 1.19-10.44], the OR for bromoxynil detection was 2.35 (95% CI = 0.87-6.33) for participants in the middle tertile (25.53-29.00 kg/m2) of BMI [with participants in the lowest tertile (< 25.53 kg/m2) as the reference group] and 4.01 (95% CI = 1.46-11.03) for participants in the highest tertile (> 29.00 kg/m2).
For ARE, four models with interactive effects were significant, highlighting the enhanced sensitivity of 3 sub-groups of subjects: 1) the oldest tertile (>48 years) of subjects exhibited a significantly larger decrement in SPES finger-tapping due to manganese exposure; 2) subjects in the highest tertile of alcohol consumption (>23.75 g/day) for the Luria Nebraska thumb-fingers test (non-dominant hand); and 3) subjects with more than 20 years of smoking for the Luria Nebraska hand-clench test (non-dominant hand) and the test of NVCST (left eye/1.5 cycles).
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