Translations into Spanish:

  • carroza   
    (Noun  )
    pejorative: elderly person

Other meanings:

(pejorative, idiomatic) An elderly person who holds views that are considered old-fashioned.

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Example sentences with "old fart", translation memory

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Killing a helpless, old fart¿ Matar a un indefenso viejo?
What give you the right, old fart?¿ Qué te da derecho, anciano?
Yeah, except we' re the old farts now.- You' re looking goodSí, pero ahora somos viejos
Like this old fart here.- Ruthless, like himSí, Sí, Sí, jefe,.... ¡ vamos a dividirnos la pasta, y vamos a gozarlo!
No you shut up!Old fart!¡ Cállate tú, viejo pedorro!
Because I' m an old fart!Porque soy un viejo senil
Steal from the old farts, not from the youth!¡ No a ellos, no a los sacrosantos jóvenes!
You' re an old fartEres un pesado
Now hear this, you old farts!Escuchen, viejos imbéciles
You think they' il listen to the crazy ramblings of some old fart with one foot in the grave?¿ lban a escuchar los desvaríos de un viejo con un pie en la tumba?
He' s waiting for the prize pike, and he' s been waiting for so Iong-- that the pike should be as old as that old fartEstá esperando al gran lucio, y ha estado esperando tanto tiempo... que el lucio debe ser tan viejo como ese vejestorio
I' m just an old fartSoy solo un viejo Chaman
Old farts stick togetherLas mofetas viejas permanecen unidas
You really are a touchy old fartEres un viejo cascarrabias, ¿ lo sabias?
You were right about the old fartTenías razón con el viejo piojoso
I' m just a fat old fart with nothing to live for anymoreSoy un viejo gordo y avinagrado sin nada para que vivir
Saving you, you crotchety old fartSalvándote, viejo cascarrabias
Oh, shut up, you old fart!Oh, ¡ Calla, viejo pesado!
You old fart¡ Ya tuve suficiente!
He spent a fortune hiring every expert on the planet to grow back that equipment you blew off from between my legs, just so the old fart can hold out some kind of hope of having a grandkidGastó una fortuna contratando expertos para que me devolvieran lo que me volaste de entre las piernas para que el viejo fósil tuviera esperanzas de tener un nieto
All right, all right, you old fart!Está bien.Cálmate, viejo idiota
Hey, Dunlop, you old fartDunlop, carcamal
Now hear this, you old farts!Escuchadme, viejos imbéciles
Drunk old fart!Viejo pedorro borracho
Gangway, you old farts!Abran paso, viejos pelmazos!
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