pronunciation: IPA: /ɔnt/ /ɒnt/ ɑːnt /ænt/ /ɑnt/ /ɑːnt/ , SAMPA: /A:nt/ /Ant/ /{nt/ /Ont/          

Translations into Scottish Gaelic:

  • piuthar-athar 
    (Noun  f)
    a parent’s sister or sister-in-law
  • piuthar-màthar 
    (Noun  f)
    a parent’s sister or sister-in-law
  • antaidh 
    (Noun  f)
    a parent’s sister or sister-in-law

Other meanings:

A woman with one or more siblings who have one or more children; a sister of someone's father or mother.
aunt (older than one’s parent)
aunt (younger than one’s parent)
a sister or sister-in-law of someone’s parent
(also great-aunt or grandaunt) a person's grandparent's sister or sister-in-law.
affectionate term for an older woman, by means of fictive kin
an affectionate term for a woman of an older generation than oneself, especially a friend of one's parents, by means of fictive kin.
(usually auntie) a grandmother.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Scottish Gaelic. (2)

maternal auntpiuthar-màthar
paternal auntpiuthar-athar

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