pronunciation: IPA: ˈkʌri /ˈkʌri/ , SAMPA: /"kVri/ "kVri  

Translations into Hindi:

  • सालन   
    (Noun  ) (noun   )
    sauce or relish flavored with curry powder
  • करी   
    (Noun  ) (noun   )
    sauce or relish flavored with curry powder

Other meanings:

(transitive) To cook or season with curry powder.
to groom a horse
Any dish, especially a stew, flavored with curry powder.
(transitive, obsolete) To cover (a distance); (of a projectile) to traverse (its range).
Curry powder
(intransitive, obsolete) To scurry; to ride or run hastily.
(transitive) To dress leather after it is tanned by beating, rubbing, scraping and colouring
(transitive) To beat, thrash; to drub
A traditional medium strength Indian preparation utilizing wide variety of oriental spices to give rich flavor with abundant gravy.
(computing) (transitive) To perform currying upon.
(transitive, obsolete) To hurry.
dish made with curry powder
A sauce or relish whose principal flavoring is curry powder.
to dress leather
(transitive) To groom (a horse); to dress or rub down a horse with a curry comb
(transitive) To try to win or gain favour by flattering.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Hindi. (4)

curry beansकरी सेम; बर्मा बीन; सीवा बीन्स; सीवेट बीन
curry favourचापलूसी से कृपापाट्र बनना
curry leaf (tree)करी पत्ती (वृक्ष)
curry powderशोरबे का मसला; मसाला

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