pronunciation: IPA: ˈdæm.əsk /ˈdæm.əsk/  

Translations into Italian:

  • damasco   
    (Noun  m) (noun   ) [tessuto]
    A figured fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers.

Other meanings:

To decorate or weave in damascene patterns
An ornate silk fabric originating from Damascus.
A grayish-pink color, like that of the damask rose.
damask colour:
Hard, flexible steel with wavy patterns that was popular in the Middle Ages especially for sword blades.
A damask rose.
Of a grayish-pink color, like that of the damask rose.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Italian. (1)

damask steeldamasco; damascato; agemina

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Example sentences with "damask", translation memory

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Give me, Perun, a sword of damask steel!Dammi, o Perun, una spada d' acciaio!
For ten years, to the sound of damask steel...... we were stained red with the blood of our enemies!Per ‧ ‧ anni le nostre spade...... furono rosse del sangue dei nemici!
Give me, Perun, a sword of damask steel...... a warrior' s sword, tempered in the heat of battle...... forged by thunder in the fateful storm!Dammi, o Perun, una spada d' acciaio...... degna d' un guerriero, temprata dal fuoco della battaglia...... forgiata dal fulmine d' una tempesta mortale!
It' s an ‧th- century Italian silk damask...... with an embossed floriated pattern of undulating acanthus leavesÈ una seta italiana del ‧ secolo... con un motivo floreale di foglie di acanto
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