Translations into Italian:

  • che cazzo   
    (Pronoun, Interjection  )
    expressing nonchalance
    expressing astonishment
    An intensive form of what

Other meanings:

Exclamation of amazement.
(vulgar) Used to express nonchalance or the dismissal of any consequences of something one is about to do.
(interrogative, vulgar, slang) An intensive form of what .
(vulgar) Used to express astonishment, shock, incredulity, or disbelief (as a shortened form of expressions such as "What the fuck is going on?", "...are you doing?", or " that?").

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Example sentences with "what the fuck", translation memory

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I want to see what the fuck this bitch is workin ' withVediamo di che colore ha le mutandine
What the fuck is taking so long?Perche ' cazzo ci sta mettendo cosi ' tanto?
What the fuck ever, all right?Quello che cazzo è, va bene?
Elena' s taking the kids to her mother' s, what the fuck else am I gonna do?Elena sta portando i ragazzi dai suoi, che altro cazzo posso fare?
What the fuck are you thinking?Che cavolo hai nella testa?
' Cause what' s the point in having an Internet connection if you' re not using it to look at weird, fucked- up pictures of dirty sex you' il never have yourself?A cosa ti serve Internet se non per vedere foto di sesso estremo, quello che tu non farai mai?
What the fuck business Is it of yours?!I miei poliziotti, nel mio distretto?
What the fuck did we do?Che cazzo stavamo facendo?
What the fuck has that got to do with it?Ma che cazzo c' entra?
What the fuck are you doing?Che cazzo fai?
What the fuck are you doing with ‧ underage kids?Cosa cazzo stai facendo con due minorenni?
What the fuck does that matter?Che cavolo importa dove l' ho trovato?
So what the fuck does this have to do with Colicchio?Che cazzo c' entra con Colicchio?
What the fuck!Che cazzo fai?
What the fuck, Tom?Che cazzo, Tom?
Like, what do you ever add to the fucking proceedings?Devi incanalare le tue emozioni del cazzo
What the fuck is this?Che cazzo e ' ' sta storia?
What the fuck is that?Ma che diamine, rudy!
What the fuck are you doing?!Ma che cazzo fai?
What the fuckMa che cazzo
What the fuck are you looking at?Che cazzo hai da guardare?
What the f... fuck is going on?Ma che cazzo sta succedendo?
I don' t know what the fuck you' re talking about, all right?Non so di cosa cazzo tu stia parlando, ok?
What the fuck did you bring a gun for?Perche ' cazzo ti sei portato dietro una pistola?!
What the fuck are you doing you scum?Che cazzo pensi di fare stronzo?
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