pronunciation: IPA: /ˈdɑːk.nəs/ ˈdɑːk.nəs , SAMPA: "dA:k.n@s /"dA:k.n@s/        

Translations into Latin:

  • caligo   
    (Noun  f) (verb, noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension), verb (1st conjugation)   feminine )
    state of being dark
  • caligatio   
    (noun   feminine )
  • tenebra   
    (noun, noun (f.; 1st declension)   feminine )
  • tenebrae   
    (Noun  f)
    state of being dark
  • caecitas   
    (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
  • creperum   
    (noun   neuter )
  • crepusculum   
    (noun, noun (n.; 2nd declension)   neuter )
  • nebula   
    (noun, noun (f.; 1st declension)   feminine )
  • nox   
    (noun, noun (f.; 3rd pure I-stem declension)   feminine )
  • obscuritas   
    (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
  • obscurus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • profunditas   
    (noun   feminine )

Other meanings:

state of reflecting little light; tending to blackish or brownish
the product of being dark
(uncountable) The state of being dark; lack of light.
(uncountable) Gloom.
(uncountable) The state or quality of reflecting little light, of tending to a blackish or brownish color.
(uncountable) Evilness, lack of understanding or compassion, reference to death or suffering.
(countable) The product of being dark.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (40)

a dark-colored fishmerula
after darkde nocte
after darkness, |I hope for| lightpost tenebras lux, or post tenebras spero lucem
And light shines in the darknesset lux in tenebris lucet
at darksub noctem
be darkcaligo
be dark|gloomy|misty|cloudycalligo; caligo
become darkfusco; tenebrasco; tenebresco
become|grow completely|very darkcontenebrasco
before darka mane usque ad vesperam
Cimmerian darknessCimmeriae tenebrae
conquering darkness by sciencescientia vincere tenebras
darkater; purpureus; nebulosus; obscuritas; auster; obscūrus; tenebricosus; caligineus; caligosus; intempestus; nubilus; cæruleus; pallens; caligatio; tenebricus; austerus; acerbus; annoctatio; crepusculum; fuscus; adustus; caeruleus; ambiguus; baliolus; obscurus; tenebrosus; caerulus; furvus; niger; caecus; suffuscus; nigrans; opacus; caligo; cnephosus; creper; caliginosus
dark and very hard species of marble in Ethiopiabasaltes
dark bluecaerulus; cæruleus; caesitius; caeruleus; cyaneus; caeruleatus; caesicius
dark chambercamera obscura
dark chanting goshawkMelierax metabates
dark coloredmorulus; pullus; atricolor; nigrans; caeruleatus; caerulans
dark colored|huedaquilus
dark complected|swarthycoloratus
dark cornertenebra
dark dressesxerampelina
dark greencaeruleus
dark pincertailonychogomphus
dark placeumbra
dark redpurpureus
dark red garmentsxerampelina
dark sayingambiguus; opertus; ambages
dark sideparadigmatos negativi; paradigma negativus
dark speechargumentum
dark-backed weaverPloceus bicolor
dark-capped bulbulPycnonotus tricolor
dark-capped yellow warblerIduna natalensis; Chloropeta natalensis
dark-coloredfurvus; pullus; ater
dark-colored precious stonehyacinthina; iacinthina; hiacinthina
dark-gray clothpullum
dark-gray stuffpullus
Prince of Evil|Darknessdiabulus; diabolus; zabulus

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Example sentences with "darkness", translation memory

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The Japanese have dark eyes.Iaponibus oculi nigri sunt.
Their missiles were discharged without effect in the darkness, but to the Romans the ranks of the barbarians were plainly discernible, and they singled out with deliberate aim anyone whose boldness or whose decorations made him conspicuous.quippe ipsorum tela per tenebras vana: Romani conspicuam barbarorum aciem, et si quis audacia aut insignibus effulgens, ad ictum destinabant.
It is naturally a fluid of dark colour; when vinegar is sprinkled upon it, it coagulates and floats upon the surface.Certo anni bitumen egerit, cuius legendi usum, ut ceteras artis, experientia docuit.
All cats are grey in the dark.Nocte omnes feles cinereae sunt.
The soldiers murmured, and charged the tribunes and centurions with treachery, alleging that the households of the Senators were being armed to destroy Otho; many acted in ignorance and were stupefied by wine, the worst among them were seeking an opportunity for plunder, the mass was as usual ready for any new movement, and the military obedience of the better disposed was neutralised by the darkness.fremit miles et tribunos centurionesque proditionis arguit, tamquam familiae senatorum ad perniciem Othonis armarentur, pars ignari et vino graves, pessimus quisque in occasionem praedarum, vulgus, ut mos est, cuiuscumque motus novi cupidum; et obsequia meliorum nox abstulerat.
Civilis saw this, and, extinguishing the fires, threw the confusion of darkness over the attack.intellectum id Civili et restincto igne misceri cuncta tenebris et armis iubet.
The sky is full of dark clouds.Caelum plenum nubium fuscarum est.
Night assisted their credulity, and amid the darkness confident assertion was comparatively easy.cursant per urbem, molinutur templorum foris; iuvat credulitatem nox et promptior inter tenebras adfirmatio.
Darkness, which increased the daring of some and the terror of others, random blows, wounds not foreseen, failure to recognise friend or enemy, echoes, seemingly in their rear, from the winding mountain valleys, spread such confusion that the Romans abandoned some of their lines in the belief that they had been stormed.nox aliis in audaciam, aliis ad formidinem opportuna; incerti ictus, vulnera improvisa; suorum atque hostium ignoratio et montis anfractu repercussae velut a tergo voces adeo cuncta miscuerant ut quaedam munimenta Romani quasi perrupta omiserint.
Then on all sides officers of state cast aside the insignia of office, and shunned the retinues of their friends and domestics; aged men and women wandered in the darkness of night about the various streets of the city; few went to their homes, most sought the houses of friends, or some obscure hiding-place in the dwelling of their humblest dependents.tum vero passim magistratus proiectis insignibus, vitata comitum et servorum frequentia, senes feminaeque per tenebras diversa urbis itinera, rari domos, plurimi amicorum tecta et ut cuique humillimus cliens, incertas latebras petivere.
They chose a dark and cloudy night, and moving rapidly down the stream, entered the entrenchments without opposition.Animadversum id Germanis et insidias composuere: electa nox atra nubibus, et prono amne rapti nullo prohibente vallum ineunt.
Without a single legate or tribune venturing to check them, for the darkness seems to have taken from them all sense of shame, they dragged him out of his bed and killed him.eadem in Voculam parabantur, nisi servili habitu per tenebras ignoratus evasisset.
Darkness causes many children to be afraid.Tenebrae multos infantes terrent.
"Nero, in his bewilderment and impatience to destroy his mother, could not be put off till Burrus answered for her death, should she be convicted of the crime, but ""any one,"" he said, ""much more a parent, must be allowed a defence. Accusers there were none forthcoming; they had before them only the word of a single person from an enemy's house, and this the night with its darkness and prolonged festivity and everything savouring of recklessness and folly, was enough to refute."""Nero trepidus et interficiendae matris avidus non prius differri potuit, quam Burrus necem eius promitteret, si facinoris coargueretur; sed cuicumque, nedum parenti defensionem tribuendam; nec accusatores adesse, sed vocem unius [et] ex inimica domo adferri: reputare[t] tenebras et vigilatam convivio noctem omniaque temeritati et inscitiae propiora.
Upon intelligence of these matters, though Caesar thought it of great consequence to become master of the town as soon as possible, and to transfer the cohorts to his own camp, lest any change should be wrought on their inclinations by bribes, encouragement, or ficticious messages, because in war great events are often brought about by trifling circumstances; yet, dreading lest the town should be plundered by the soldiers entering into it, and taking advantage of the darkness of the night, he commended the persons who came to him, and sent them back to the town, and ordered the gates and walls to be secured.Quibus rebus cognitis Caesar, etsi magni interesse arbitrabatur quam primum oppido potiri cohortesque ad se in castra traducere, ne qua aut largitionibus aut animi confirmatione aut falsis nuntiis commutatio fieret voluntatis, quod saepe in bello parvis momentis magni casus intercederent, tamen veritus, ne militum introitu et nocturni temporis licentia oppidum diriperetur, eos, qui venerant, collaudat atque in oppidum dimittit, portas murosque adservari iubet.
Then, as usual in lovers' quarrels, there were chidings, entreaties, reproaches, excuses, and some period of the darkness was given up to passion; then, when seemingly about to go, and she was fearing nothing, he stabbed her with the steel, and having wounded and scared away the slave girl who was hurrying to her, rushed out of the chamber.tum, ut adsolet in amore et ira, iurgia preces, exprobratio satisfactio, et pars tenebrarum libidini seposita; ea quasi incensus nihil metuentem ferro transverberat et adcurrentem ancillam vulnere absterret cubiculoque prorumpit.
The bridal veil was put over the emperor; people saw the witnesses of the ceremony, the wedding dower, the couch and the nuptial torches; everything in a word was plainly visible, which, even when a woman weds darkness hides.inditum imperatori flammeum, missi auspices; dos et genialis torus et faces nuptiales, cuncta denique spectata, quae etiam in femina nox operit.
As darkness approached, all the adjacent grove and surrounding buildings resounded with song, and shone brilliantly with lights.iam gestus motusque obsceni; et postquam tenebrae incedebant, quantum iuxta nemoris et circiumiecta tecta consonare cantu et luminibus clarescere.
The night, he was sensible, must be highly advantageous to his enemies, who depended on their knowledge of the coast, while he would be deprived of the benefit of encouraging his men, which could not be done with any effect in the dark, where courage and cowardice must remain equally unknown.Qui duabus de causis eo die dimicare nolebat, quod et nullos milites in navibus habebat et post horam X diei res agebatur, nox autem allatura videbatur maiorem fiduciam illis, qui locorum notitia confidebant; sibi etiam hortandi suos auxilium defuturum, quod nulla satis idonea esset hortatio quae neque virtutem posset notare neque inertiam.
"What remained for them but to strip themselves naked, put on the boxing-glove, and practise such battles instead of the arms of legitimate warfare? Would justice be promoted, or would they serve on the knights' commissions for the honourable office of a judge, because they had listened with critical sagacity to effeminate strains of music and sweet voices? Night too was given up to infamy, so that virtue had not a moment left to her, but all the vilest of that promiscuous throng dared to do in the darkness anything they had lusted for in the day."""quid superesse, nisi ut corpora quoque nudent et caestus adsumant easque pugnas pro militia et armis meditentur? an iustitiam auctum iri et decurias equitum egregium iudicandi munus [melius] expleturos, si fractos sonos et dulcedinem vocum perite audissent? noctes quoque dedecori adiectas, ne quod tempus pudori relinquatur, sed coetu promisco, quod perditissimus quisque per diem concupiverit, per tenebras audeat.
Many whom they slew were unarmed or in the act of arming themselves, some were just awaking from sleep, amid the confusion of darkness and panic, the braying of trumpets, and the shouts of the foe.sternunt inermos aut arma capientis et quosdam somno excitos, cum tenebris, pavore, sonitu tubarum, clamore hostili turbarentur.
The boy was afraid of the dark.Puer tenebras timebat.
It was said that Subrius Flavus had formed a sudden resolution to attack Nero when singing on the stage, or when his house was in flames and he was running hither and thither, unattended, in the cepisse impetum Subrius Flavus ferebatur in scaena canentem Neronem adgrediendi, aut cum [ardente domo] per noctem huc illuc cursaret incustoditus.
In their confusion, as they shrank back, they overturned the lamp on the table at his side, and in the darkness, now to him the gloom of death, he aimed two blows at a vital part.atque illis, dum trepidant, dum refugiunt, evertentibus adpositum cum mensa lumen, feralibus iam sibi tenebris duos ictus in viscera derexit.
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