Translations into Latin:

  • lurchinabundus   
    (adjective   )
  • lurcinabundus   
    (adjective   )

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (3)

eat greedilylurco; lurcor; lurcho; lurchor; tuburcinor
one who eats greedily|voraciouslydevorator
she who eats greedily|voraciouslydevoratrix

Example sentences with "eating greedily", translation memory

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The merchants, half dead with fear, and conscious that they merited death, hearing upon what terms life was offered them, greedily accepted the condition, and entreated Caesar that he would impose a certain sum in gross upon all the three hundred.Quibus metu exsanguibus de vitaque ex suo promerito desperantibus subito oblata salute libentes cupidique condicionem acceperunt petieruntque a Caesare ut universis CCC uno nomine pecuniam imperaret.
Cows eat grass.Vaccae herbam edunt.
I can eat insects.Insecta esse possum.
I am hungry because I did not eat lunch.Esurio, quia prandium non sumpsi.
In winter I like to eat chocolate.Hieme socolatam libenter edo.
They eat meat once a week.Carnem semel in hebdomade edunt.
They do not regard it lawful to eat the hare, and the cock, and the goose; they, however, breed them for amusement and pleasure.Leporem et gallinam et anserem gustare fas non putant; haec tamen alunt animi voluptatisque causa.
I am not eating.Non edo.
I am eating rice.Oryzam edo.
I'm eating fruits because I'm hungry.Poma edo, quia esurio.
We'll be eating soon.Mox edemus.
The boy eats bread.Puer panem edit.
The woman eats an orange.Femina aurantium edit.
We eat soup with a spoon.Sorbitionem ligula edimus.
Cats don't eat bananas.Feles musas non edunt.
I eat an apple.Malum edo.
The man is eating bread.Vir panem edit.
I'd like to eat a book.Librum edere velim.
I ask you, please eat!Quaeso comedas!
My dog eats grapes.Canis meus uvas edit.
He is eating.Is edit.
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