pronunciation: IPA: ɡɑːd /ɡɒd/ /ɡɑːd/ ɡɒd , SAMPA: /gAd/ gQd gAd /gQd/        

Translations into Latin:

  • deus   
    (Noun  male, m) (noun, noun (m.; 2nd irregular declension)   masculine ) []
    A supernatural, typically immortal being with superior powers.
  • divus   
    (adjective, noun, adjective (2-1-2), noun (m.; 2nd declension)   masculine )
  • di   
    (Noun  p) (noun, cross-reference   masculine )
  • dea   
    (Noun  f) (noun, noun (f.; 1st declension)   feminine )
  • Deus   
    (noun   masculine )
  • Neptunus   
    (noun, noun (m.; 2nd declension)   masculine )
  • caelestis   
    (adjective, noun, adjective (3rd 2-termination)   masculine and/or feminine )
  • caelicola   
    (noun, noun (m.; 1st declension)   masculine and/or feminine )
  • celestis   
    (adjective, noun   masculine and/or feminine )
  • coelestis   
    (adjective, noun   masculine and/or feminine )
  • coelicola   
    (noun   masculine and/or feminine )
  • devus   
    (noun   masculine )
  • dii   
    (noun   masculine )
  • diis   
    (noun   masculine )
  • dis   
    (adjective, noun, cross-reference, adjective (3rd 1-termination)   masculine )
  • dius   
    (adverb, adjective, noun, adjective (2-1-2)   masculine )
  • immortalis   
    (adjective, noun, adjective (3rd 2-termination)   masculine )
  • inmortalis   
    (adjective, noun   masculine )
  • numen   
    (noun, noun (n.; 3rd declension)   neuter )

Other meanings:

person in high position of authority
(metaphor) A person in a high position of authority; a powerful ruler or tyrant.
A representation of a deity, notably a statue or a statuette.
An exceedingly handsome man.
A deity:
to idolize
to deify
An idol

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (70)

abode of the godsOlympus
act of Godvis maior
admonition by the godsmonitus
ancient Italian godConsus
apollo as the god of lightPhoebus
appeal to the gods thatcontestor
being a godimmortalitas; inmortalitas
by a goddivinitus
by the god of truthFidius
By the Grace of God, QueenDei Gratia Regina
called and not called, God will be presentvocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit
carrying the household godspenatiger
chief of the godsIuppiter
claim of a god for a forgotten sacrificepostilio
cult name of a godcognomentum
cushioned seat of a godpulvinarium
cushioned seat spread at a feast of the godspulvinar
duty to the godsreligio
feast of the godslectisternium
festival celebrated at cross-roads in honor of the_Lares|rural godsCompitalium
for God and CountryDeo et patriae
For God and countrypro aris et focis
For God and Countrypro Deo et Patria
glory to God alonesoli Deo gloria|S.D.G.|
GodDeus; Adonai
God chooses the weak of the worldinfirma mundi elegit Deus
god forbidabsit; apsit
God give happiness orGod give luckDa Deus fortunae
God gives growthdat deus incrementumor deus dat incrementum
God is my LightDeus Lux Mea Est
God is my strong towerturris fortis mihi Deus
god of changeVertumnus
god of faithFidius
god of harborsPortunus
god of stormshiems
god of the north windboreas
god of the underworldOrcus
god of the windsAeolius
god of woods and shepherdsPan
God our lightnumen lumen
God willingDeo volente
God wills it!Deus vult
God-bearingdeifer; deiferus
god-like personcaelestis; celestis; coelestis
God!: Oh Goddeus
God's advocateadvocatus Dei
godscaeles; di; caelestis
gods of home|larder|familyPenas
gods of placesLar
gods of the grovesFaunus
gods who have no definite place in heavenazonus
guardian gods of the familyPenates
he whom the gods love dies youngquem di diligunt adulescens moritur
household godsLar; Penates; therafin
image of Godimago Dei
In God we trustDeo Confidimus
intermediary between man and goddaemon
killer|slayer of Goddeicida
make one a goddeifico; defico
my God why hast thou forsaken me Matthew 27:46lema
no one ought to accuse himself except in the Presence of Godaccusare nemo se debet nisi coram Deo
nothing without Godnihil sine Deo
of the Godscelestis
Sacred to the ghost-godsdis manibus sacrum|D.M.S.|
The City of GodDe civitate Dei
The Work of GodOpus Dei
To the Best and Greatest GodDeo Optimo Maximo |DOM|
Truce of Godtreuga Dei

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Example sentences with "god", translation memory

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Be assured, my most excellent, and, as far as the age re-quires, most eloquent friends, that had you been born in the past, and the men we admire in our own day, had some god in fact suddenly changed your lives and your age, the highest fame and glory of eloquence would have been yours, and they too would not have lacked moderation and self-control. As it is, seeing that no one can at the same time enjoy great renown and great tranquillity, let everybody make the best of the blessings of his own age without disparaging other periods."Quid enim opus est longis in senatu sententiis, cum optimi cito consentiant? Quid multis apud populum contionibus, cum de re publica non imperiti et multi deliberent, sed sapientissimus et unus? Quid voluntariis accusationibus, cum tam raro et tam parce peccetur? Quid invidiosis et excedentibus modum defensionibus, cum clementia cognoscentis obviam periclitantibus eat? credite, optimi et in quantum opus est disertissimi viri, si aut vos prioribus saeculis aut illi, quos miramur, his nati essent, ac deus aliquis vitas ac [vestra] tempora repente mutasset, nec vobis summa illa laus et gloria in eloquentia neque illis modus et temperamentum defuisset: nunc, quoniam nemo eodem tempore adsequi potest magnam famam et magnam quietem, bono saeculi sui quisque citra obtrectationem alterius utatur."""
In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth.In principio creavit Deus caelum et terram.
Man proposes, God disposes.Homo prōpōnit, sed Deus dispōnit.
My god is the greatest!Deus meus est maximus!
As many others in the army began to observe this, his lieutenants and volunteers begged him to give the signal for battle, as the immortal gods promised him a decisive victory.Cum idem a pluribus animadverti coeptum esset, subito legati evocatique obsecrare Caesarem ne dubitaret signum dare: victoriam sibi propriam a dis immortalibus portendi.
Nothing is impossible for God.Deo nihil est impossibile.
Mars is the god of war.Mars est deus belli.
God created the world.Deus mundum aedificavit.
There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.Fuit homo missus a Deo; nomen ei erat Iohannes.
"Accordingly Caius Cestius, a senator, argued that ""though princes were like deities, yet even the gods listened only to righteous prayers from their suppliants, and that no one fled to the Capitol or any other temple in Rome to use it as an auxiliary in crime."abolitas leges et funditus versas, ubi in foro, in limine curiae ab Annia Rufilla, quam fraudis sub iudice damnavisset, probra sibi et minae intendantur, neque ipse audeat ius experiri ob effigiem imperatoris oppositam.
And God said: Let there be light. And there was light.Dixitque Deus: Fiat lux. Et facta est lux.
But all human efforts, all the lavish gifts of the emperor, and the propitiations of the gods, did not banish the sinister belief that the conflagration was the result of an order.Sed non ope humana, non largitionibus principis aut deum placamentis decedebat infamia, quin iussum incendium crederetur.
But others say that it is an observance in honour of Saturn, either from the primitive elements of their faith having been transmitted from the Idaei, who are said to have shared the flight of that God, and to have founded the race, or from the circumstance that of the seven stars which rule the destinies of men Saturn moves in the highest orbit and with the mightiest power, and that many of the heavenly bodies complete their revolutions and courses in multiples of seven.Alii honorem eum Saturno haberi, seu principia religionis tradentibus Idaeis, quos cum Saturno pulsos et conditores gentis accepimus, seu quod de septem sideribus, quis mortales reguntur, altissimo orbe et praecipua potentia stella Saturni feratur, ac pleraque caelestium viam suam et cursus septenos per numeros commeare.
You witnessed, comrades, how by a remarkable storm even the Gods discountenanced that ill-starred adoption; and the feeling of the Senate, of the people of Rome, is the same.vidistis, commilitones, notabili tempestate etiam deos infaustam adoptionem aversantis.
I killed God.Deum necavi.
Heedless of men, heedless of gods, they have attained that hardest of results, the not needing so much as a wish.Sed beatius arbitrantur, quam ingemere agris, illaborare domibus, suas alienasque fortunas spe metuque versare.
They likewise discuss and impart to the youth many things respecting the stars and their motion, respecting the extent of the world and of our earth, respecting the nature of things, respecting the power and the majesty of the immortal gods.Multa praeterea de sideribus atque eorum motu, de mundi ac terrarum magnitudine, de rerum natura, de deorum immortalium vi ac potestate disputant et iuventuti tradunt.
The voice of the people is the voice of God.Vox populi vox dei.
God wants it.Deus vult.
In the sight of God, all men are equal.In oculis Dei, omnes homines aequales sunt.
To clamour for the destruction of what is the head of the Empire, and contains all that is distinguished in the provinces, good God! it is a thing which not even those Germans, whom Vitellius at this very moment is rousing against us, would dare to do.caput imperii et decora omnium provinciarum ad poenam vocare non hercule illi, quos cum maxime Vitellius in nos ciet, Germani audeant.
They raised their hands to the gods, to the statue of Augustus, and to the knees of Tiberius, when he ordered a document to be produced and read.opes publicae continebantur, quantum civium sociorumque in armis, quot classes, regna, provinciae, tributa aut vectigalia, et necessitates ac largitiones.
Vespasian thus came to conceive a deeper desire to visit the sanctuary of Serapis, that he might consult the God about the interests of his throne.Altior inde Vespasiano cupido adeundi sacram sedem ut super rebus imperii consuleret: arceri templo cunctos iubet.
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