pronunciation: IPA: ɡɑːd /ɡɒd/ /ɡɑːd/ ɡɒd , SAMPA: /gAd/ gQd gAd /gQd/        

Translations into Latin:

  • deus   
    (Noun  male, m) (noun   masculine ) []
    A supernatural, typically immortal being with superior powers.
  • di   
    (Noun  p) (noun   masculine )
  • divus   
    (adjective, noun   masculine )
  • dea   
    (Noun  f) (noun   feminine )
  • Deus   
    (noun   masculine )
  • caelestis   
    (adjective, noun   masculine and/or feminine )
  • caelicola   
    (noun   masculine and/or feminine )
  • celestis   
    (adjective, noun   masculine and/or feminine )
  • coelestis   
    (adjective, noun   masculine and/or feminine )
  • coelicola   
    (noun   masculine and/or feminine )
  • devus   
    (noun   masculine )
  • dii   
    (noun   masculine )
  • diis   
    (noun   masculine )
  • dis   
    (adjective, noun   masculine )
  • dius   
    (adverb, adjective, noun   masculine )
  • immortalis   
    (adjective, noun   masculine )
  • inmortalis   
    (adjective, noun   masculine )
  • numen   
    (noun   neuter )

Other meanings:

person in high position of authority
(metaphor) A person in a high position of authority; a powerful ruler or tyrant.
A representation of a deity, notably a statue or a statuette.
An exceedingly handsome man.
A deity:
to idolize
to deify
An idol

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (69)

act of Godvis maior
ancient Italian godConsus
appeal to the gods thatcontestor
bearing a god in one's selfdeiferus; deifer
being a godimmortalitas; inmortalitas
by a goddivinitus
By the Grace of God, QueenDei Gratia Regina
called and not called, God will be presentvocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit
cult name of a godcognomentum
daughter of river-god Peneus changed into laurel-treedaphne; daphine
dedicate to infernal godsdevoveo
devoting person to a godconsecratio; consacratio
Eli Eli lama sabacthani|My Godlema
festival celebrated at cross-roads in honor of the_Lares|rural godsCompitalium
for God and CountryDeo et patriae
For God and countrypro aris et focis
For God and Countrypro Deo et Patria
from Godex Deo
glory to God alonesoli Deo gloria|S.D.G.|
GodDeus; Adonai
God chooses the weak of the worldinfirma mundi elegit Deus
god forbidabsit; apsit
God give happiness orGod give luckDa Deus fortunae
God gives growthdat deus incrementumor deus dat incrementum
God is my LightDeus Lux Mea Est
God is my strong towerturris fortis mihi Deus
god of the underworldOrcus
god of wineDionysus
God our lightnumen lumen
God willingDeo volente
God wills it!Deus vult
God-bearingdeifer; deiferus
god-like personcaelestis; celestis; coelestis
God!: Oh Goddeus
God's advocateadvocatus Dei
gods of home|larder|familyPenas
gods of Lower Worldmanis
gods who have no definite place in heavenazonus
he whom the gods love dies youngquem di diligunt adulescens moritur
heretics who attributed to God a human formanthropomorphita
household godstherafin
image of Godimago Dei
imitation of a godimitatio dei
In God we trustDeo Confidimus
intermediary between man and goddaemon
killer|slayer of Goddeicida
Lamb of GodAgnus Dei
Leo of Persian god MithrasLeo
make one a goddeifico; defico
Mother of GodVirgo Maria; Mater Dei; Deipara
my God why hast thou forsaken me Matthew 27:46lema
no one ought to accuse himself except in the Presence of Godaccusare nemo se debet nisi coram Deo
nothing without Godnihil sine Deo
of the god of medicinepaeonius
of the godssupernus
of the Godsmactus; celestis
of|belonging to idols|image of pagan godidolicus
offering to the godslibamentum
one who writes|discourses|teaches on God|godstheologus
pertaining to spiritual|God-given gift|talent|charismacharismaticus
Sacred to the ghost-godsdis manibus sacrum|D.M.S.|
The City of GodDe civitate Dei
The Work of GodOpus Dei
To God whose lordship over life and death is usurpedDEO CVIVS POTESTAS VITAE MORTISQVE PROCVLCATVR
To prepare for God a perfect peopleParare Domino plebem perfectam
To the Best and Greatest GodDeo Optimo Maximo |DOM|
Truce of Godtreuga Dei

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Example sentences with "god", translation memory

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The God himself, because he heals the sick, many identified with Aesculapius; others with Osiris, the deity of the highest antiquity among these nations; not a few with Jupiter, as being supreme ruler of all things; but most people with Pluto, arguing from the emblems which may be seen on his statues, or from conjectures of their own.deum ipsum multi Aesculapium, quod medeatur aegris corporibus, quidam Osirin, antiquissimum illis gentibus numen, plerique Iovem ut rerum omnium potentem, plurimi Ditem patrem insignibus, quae in ipso manifesta, aut per ambages coniectant.
But all human efforts, all the lavish gifts of the emperor, and the propitiations of the gods, did not banish the sinister belief that the conflagration was the result of an order.Sed non ope humana, non largitionibus principis aut deum placamentis decedebat infamia, quin iussum incendium crederetur.
In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth.In principio creavit Deus caelum et terram.
I killed God.Deum necavi.
I killed a god.Deum necavi.
Man proposes, God disposes.Homo prōpōnit, sed Deus dispōnit.
May God help you!Deus te iuvet!
"Assuredly your strength and renown are at their height, and you have in addition the repute of obedience, which the greatest of mortals must not despise, and which the gods highly esteem."" As he spoke, he encircled Tiridates' brow with a diadem, and to Moneses, a noble, he entrusted a highly efficient body of cavalry, which was the king's customary escort, giving him also some auxiliaries from the Adiabeni, and orders that Tigranes was to be driven out of Armenia.""vestra quidem vis et gloria [in] integro est, addita modestiae fama, quae neque summis mortalium spernenda est et a dis aestimatur."" simul diademate caput Tiridatis evinxit, promptam equitum manum, quae regem ex more sectatur, Monaesi nobili viro tradidit, adiectis Adiabenorum auxiliis, mandavitque Tigranen Armenia exturba[re], dum ipse positis adversus Hyrcanos discordiis vires intimas molemque belli ciet, provinciis Romanis minitans."
Few in number, dismayed by their ignorance, looking around upon a sky, a sea, and forests which are all unfamiliar to them; hemmed in, as it were, and enmeshed, the Gods have delivered them into our hands.Paucos numero, trepidos ignorantia, caelum ipsum ac mare et silvas, ignota omnia circumspectantis, clausos quodam modo ac vinctos di nobis tradiderunt.
Nothing's impossible for God.Nihil est, quod deus efficere non possit.
The voice of the people is the voice of God.Vox populi vox dei.
And God said: Let there be light. And there was light.Dixitque Deus, ut exsisteret lux, et exstitit lux.
From Trebonius's camp and all the higher grounds it was easy to see into the town-how all the youth which remained in it, and all persons of more advanced years, with their wives and children, and the public guards, were either extending their hands from the wall to the heavens, or were repairing to the temples of the immortal gods, and prostrating themselves before their images, were entreating them to grant them victory.Facile erat ex castris C. Trebonii atque omnibus superioribus locis prospicere in urbem, ut omnis iuventus, quae in oppido remanserat, omnesque superioris aetatis cum liberis atque uxoribus ex publicis locis custodiisque aut e muro ad caelum manus tenderent, aut templa deorum immortalium adirent et ante simulacra proiecti victoriam ab diis ecerent.
Other proposals too of a like kind were carried, on a scale so extravagant, that Caius Cassius, after having assented to the rest of the honours, argued that if the gods were to be thanked for the bountiful favours of fortune, even a whole year would not suffice for thanksgivings, and therefore there ought to be a classification of sacred and business-days, that so they might observe divine ordinances and yet not interfer with human affairs.Ob haec consal[ut]atus imperator Nero, et senatus consulto supplicationes habitae, statuaeque et arcus et continui consulatus principi, utque inter festos referretur dies, quo patrata victoria, quo nuntiata, quo relatum de ea esset, aliaque in eandem formam decernuntur, adeo modum egressa, ut C. Cassius de ceteris honoribus adsensus, si pro benignitate fortunae dis grates agerentur, ne totum quidem annum supplicationibus sufficere disseruerit, eoque oportere dividi sacros et negotiosos dies, quis divina colerent et humana non impedirent.
A terrible vision then appeared to Scydrothemis, warning him to thwart no longer the purposes of the God.atque interim triennio exacto Ptolemaeus non studium, non preces omittere: dignitatem legatorum, numerum navium, auri pondus augebat.
"They invoked now Mucianus, now the absent Emperor, and, as a last resource, heaven and the Gods, till Mucianus came forward, and calling them ""soldiers bound by the same oath and servants of the same Emperor,"" stopped the groundless panic. And indeed the victorious army seconded the tears of the vanquished with their approving shouts."prensare commanipularium pectora, cervicibus innecti, suprema oscula petere, ne desererentur soli neu pari causa disparem fortunam paterentur; modo Mucianum, modo absentem principem, postremum caelum ac deos obtestari, donec Mucianus cunctos eiusdem sacramenti, eiusdem imperatoris milites appellans, falso timori obviam iret; namque et victor exercitus clamore lacrimas eorum iuvabat.
Subsequently no one has made the attempt, and it has been thought more pious and reverential to believe in the actions of the gods than to inquire.Mox nemo tentavit; sanctiusque ac reverentius visum, de actis deorum credere, quam scire.
Should the Romans be driven out (which God forbid) what can result but wars between all these nations? By the prosperity and order of eight hundred years has this fabric of empire been consolidated, nor can it be overthrown without destroying those who overthrow it.nam pulsis, quod di prohibeant, Romanis quid aliud quam bella omnium inter se gentium existent? octingentorum annorum fortuna disciplinaque compages haec coaluit, quae convelli sine exitio convellentium non potest: sed vobis maximum discrimen, penes quos aurum et opes, praecipuae bellorum causae.
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