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    (noun, preposition   neuter )

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good fortuneprosperitas; felicitas; beatum
good luckbona fortuna; Felicitas
without good luckinfeliciter

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Oh luck! Like the moon, you steadily change, you always grow and then wither again.O fortuna velut luna statu variabilis semper crescis aut decrescis.
Fortune favors the bold.Audaces fortuna iuvat.
Let others wage wars, you, fortunate Austria, marry.Bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria nube.
I encourage you to be good and diligent.Hortor te, ut sis bonus et diligens.
This tea smells good.Haec potio Sinensis bene olet.
The fields yielded a good harvest.Terra dedit fructum suum.
I want a good dictionary.Bonum glossarium volo.
This tastes good.Hoc bene sapit.
Tom and John are good friends.Thomas Ioannesque amici boni sunt.
I think he is a good man.Puto eum bonum virum esse.
The reception isn't good.Receptorium non est bonum.
I am good.Ego bonus sum.
A good start is half the work.Dīmidium factī, quī coepīt, habēt.
I am a good boy.Bonus puer sum.
I hope that you are good.Spero te valere.
Good night, Timmy!Bonam noctem, Timmy.
It's good to be home.Bonum est domi esse.
He was a good king.Bonus rex erat.
That's good, isn't it?Bonum est, nonne?
This wine tastes good.Hoc vinum est bonum.
Do good to them which hate you.Benefacite his qui vos oderunt.
This dictionary is no good.Hoc glossarium bonum non est.
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