pronunciation: IPA: /mæn/ /mɑn/ mæn mɛn , SAMPA: /m{n/                

Translations into Latin:

  • vir   
    (Noun  ) (noun   masculine )
    adult male human
    man (adult male)
  • homo     
    (Noun  ) (noun   masculine )
    man (human being)
    An adult human member of the sex that begets young by fertilizing ova.
  • mas   
    (Noun  m) (adjective, noun   masculine )
    adult male human
  • homō   
    man (human being)
    man (adult male)
  • hūmānum   
    man (human being)
  • viri   
    it means man
  • Homo   
  • Homo sapiens   
  • compleo   
    (verb   )
  • conpleo   
    (verb   )
  • humana   
  • humanus   
    (adjective   )

Other meanings:

A piece or token used in board games such as chess.
(collective) All humans collectively; mankind, humankind. Also Man.
(transitive) To supply with staff or crew (of either sex).
A member of the human species.
All human beings.
(polite for) man
An adult male human.
to take up position in order to operate something
A mensch; a person of integrity and honor.
The generic name for a piece used in board games.
(Geordie) Hoo man woman!
(humble) man
to supply with staff or crew
man (a ship)
(transitive) To take up position in order to operate something.
piece in board games
A person, usually male, who is extremely fond of or devoted to a specified type of thing.
An interjection used to place emphasis upon something or someone.
(usu. in compound words) man
A person, often male, with duties or skills associated with a specified thing.
(Geordie) Giv'is a bottle of dog man!
An abstract person; a person of either gender, usually an adult.

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"|A| wise man does not urinate |up| against the wind"vir prudens non contra ventum mingit
a three-man boardtriumvir
another manalius
another man’salienus
bad|wicked manapostata
blessed is the man who finds wisdombeatus homo qui invenit sapientiam
castrated mancastratus
common good of a manbonum commune hominis
coolness|disagreement between man and wifefrigusculum; fribusculum
crafty manarchitecton
cunning manbisbellio; bispellio
doubly married manbinubus
effeminate mancinaedus
every man for himselfproximus egomet mihi
family manconvictor
ferry manportitor
first|leading member|citizen|manprinceps
good|moral|honest|brave manbonus
great manprocer; magnatus; magnas
guilty mancriminosus
half mansemivir
half man and half horsecentaurus
hungry man|personesurio; esuritor
ignorant|uneducated manidiota
illustrious manvir egregius; vir excellens
in manner becoming a manhumaniter
in manner becoming manhumanitus
in manner unworthy of free maninliberaliter; illiberaliter
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is regione caecorum rex est luscus
intermediary between man and goddaemon
Isle of ManMonapia
kept manconcubinus
le manscenomanum
little manhomullus; homuncio; homunculus; salaputium
look-out manproreus; proreta
man |is a| wolf to manhomo homini lupus
man about townscurra
man by manviritim
man employed in the emperor's secretarial bureaumemorialis
man is a bubblehomo bulla
man of fourteenth legionquartadecimamus; quartadecumamus
man of Godvir Dei
man of honorbonus
man of meansredituarius
man of sinAntichristus
man of tenth legiondecumanus; decimanus
man of warvir bellator
man restinganapauomenos
man used to find water sourcesaquilex
man w|fine taste|gourmetdelicia
man who looks after cattlebusequa
man who performs a lewd dancecinaedus
man with broad|bulging foreheadfronto
man with two skinsbispellio; bisbellio
man womanfornicarius; fornicator
married manmaritus
middle manmediator
most-perfect manperfectissimus
No great man ever existed who did not enjoy some portion of divine inspirationNemo igitur vir magnus sine aliquo adflatu divino umquam fuit
of poor manpauper
old mancasnar; casamus; Artemisia abrotanum; vetulus; diptherias; senex
On the word of no mannullius in verba
Treat the Man, not the Diseasehominem non morbum cura
Why the God-Mancur Deus Homo

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One of their chiefs, Dinis, an old man who well knew by long experience both the strength and clemency of Rome, maintained that they must lay down their arms, this being the only remedy for their wretched plight, and he was the first to give himself up with his wife and children to the conqueror.Rebusque turbatis malum extremum discordia accessit, his deditionem aliis mortem et mutuos inter se ictus parantibus; et erant qui non inultum exitium sed eruptionem suaderent.
A young man of pure life, yet of singular beauty, he had been summoned and dismissed within the space of one night by Messalina, who was equally capricious in her passions and modesta iuventa, sed corpore insigni, accitus ultro noctemque intra unam a Messalina proturbatus erat, paribus lasciviis ad cupidinem et fastidia.
"When they came into his presence, and appeared before his tribunal: ""I am satisfied,"" said he, ""it is not by your own inclination, but at the instigation of your wicked general, that you impiously wage war on your fellow-citizens, and every man of worth."Qui postquam ad eum pervenerunt et ante suggestum eius constiterunt, 'non vestra' inquit 'sponte vos certo scio, sed illius scelerati vestri imperatoris impulsu et imperio coactos cives et optimum quemque nefarie consectari.
There was a rumour that Sabrius Flavus had held a secret consultation with the centurions, and had planned, not without Seneca's knowledge, that when Nero had been slain by Piso's instrumentality, Piso also was to be murdered, and the empire handed over to Seneca, as a man singled out for his splendid virtues by all persons of integrity.Fama fuit Subrium Flavum cum centurionibus occulto consilio, neque tamen ignorante Seneca, destinavisse, ut post occisum opera Pisonis Neronem Piso quoque interficeretur tradereturque imperium Senecae, quasi insonti et claritudine virtutum ad summum fastigium delecto.
As soon as it was said that Caesar was approaching, such a panic fell upon Pompey's army, because in his haste he had made no distinction between night and day, and had marched without intermission, that they almost every man deserted their colors in Epirus and the neighboring countries; several threw down their arms, and their march had the appearance of a flight.Simul Caesar appropinquare dicebatur, tantusque terror incidit eius exercitui, quod properans noctem diei coniunxerat neque iter intermiserat, ut paene omnes ex Epiro finitimisque regionibus signa relinquerent, complures arma proicerent ac fugae simile iter videretur.
The man fixed on as the guilty lover was one by name Eucaerus, an Alexandrine by birth, skilled in singing to the flute.destinaturque reus cognomento Eucaerus, natione Alexandrinus, canere per tibias doctus.
No man can live to be two hundred years old.Ducentos annos vivere nemo potest.
The old man fell down on the ground.Senex cecidit in terra.
Nor would he suffer Antonius Primus to be taken into the number of Domitian's attendants, for he felt uneasy at his popularity with the troops, and feared the proud spirit of the man, who could not endure an equal, much less a superior.neque Antonium Primum adsciri inter comites a Domitiano passus est, favore militum anxius et superbia viri aequalium quoque, adeo superiorum intolerantis.
The inhabitants of Metropolis, at first influenced by the same rumors, followed the same measures, shut the gates and manned their walls.Metropolitae primum eodem usi consilio isdem permoti rumoribus portas clauserunt murosque armatis compleverunt; sed postea casu civitatis Gomphensis cognito ex captivis, quos Caesar ad murum producendos curaverat, portas aperuerunt.
"Everything indeed was as yet in the hands of the Senate, and consequently Lucilius Capito, procurator of Asia, who was impeached by his province, was tried by them, the emperor vehemently asserting ""that he had merely given the man authority over the slaves and property of the imperial establishments; that if he had taken upon himself the powers of a praetor and used military force, he had disregarded his instructions; therefore they must hear the provincials."" So the case was heard and the accused condemned."ita quamquam novo homini censorium funus, effigiem apud forum Augusti publica pecunia patres decrevere, apud quos etiam tum cuncta tractabantur, adeo ut procurator Asiae Lucilius Capito accusante provincia causam dixerit, magna cum adseveratione principis non se ius nisi in servitia et pecunias familiares dedisse: quod si vim praetoris usurpasset manibusque militum usus foret, spreta in eo mandata sua: audirent socios.
Soon afterwards Cocceius Nerva, a man always at the emperor's side, a master of law both divine and human, whose position was secure and health sound, resolved to die.Haud multo post Cocceius Nerva, continuus principi, omnis divini humanique iuris sciens, integro statu, corpore inlaeso, moriendi consilium cepit.
In another case, that of Publius Suillius, formerly quaestor to Germanicus, who was to be expelled from Italy on a conviction of having received money for a judicial decision, he held that the man ought to be banished to an island, and so intensely strong was his feeling that he bound the Senate by an oath that this was a State P. Suillium quaestorem quondam Germanici, cum Italia arceretur convictus pecuniam ob rem iudicandam cepisse, amovendum in insulam censuit, tanta contentione animi ut iure iurando obstringeret e re publica id esse.
I think he is a good man.Puto eum bonum virum esse.
He transacted no public business through freedmen or slaves; no private leanings, no recommendations or entreaties of friends, moved him in the selection of centurions and soldiers, but it was ever the best man whom he thought most trustworthy.Nihil per libertos servosque publicae rei, non studiis privatis nec ex commendatione aut precibus centurionem militesve adscire, sed optimum quemque fidissimum putare.
What is the man doing?Quid vir facit?
And now had he instantly made his way to the heart of the country and to its other tribes, the reluctance of those who wavered, would have been overpowered, and all to a man would have yielded.Ac si statim interiora ceterasque nationes petivisset, oppressa cunctantium dubitatio et omnes in unum cedebant: adsidendo castellum, in quod pecuniam et paelices Artabanus contulerat, dedit spatium exuendi pacta.
Vestinus, indeed, had no share in the conspiracy, though Nero on that charge gratified an old resentment against an innocent man.etenim expers coniurationis erat, quamvis super eo crimine Nero vetus adversum insontem odium expleverit.
I'm a man.Ego vir sum.
In that encounter seventy-four of our horse were slain; among them, Piso, an Aquitanian, a most valiant man, and descended from a very illustrious family; whose grandfather had held the sovereignty of his state, and had been styled friend by our senate.In eo proelio ex equitibus nostris interficiuntur IIII et LXX, in his vir fortissimus Piso Aquitanus, amplissimo genere natus, cuius avus in civitate sua regnum obtinuerat amicus a senatu nostro appellatus.
Sextus Marius, the richest man in Spain, was next accused of incest with his daughter, and thrown headlong from the Tarpeian rock.Post quos Sex. Marius Hispaniarum ditissimus defertur incestasse filiam et saxo Tarpeio deicitur.
Man proposes, God disposes.Homo prōpōnit, sed Deus dispōnit.
The facilities for selling were followed by a fall of prices, and the deeper a man was in debt, the more reluctantly did he part with his property, and many were utterly ruined.ita primo concursatio et preces, dein strepere praetoris tribunal, eaque quae remedio quaesita, venditio et emptio, in contrarium mutari quia faeneratores omnem pecuniam mercandis agris condiderant.
Piso, who was the son of M. Crassus and Scribonia, and thus of noble descent on both sides, was in look and manner a man of the old type. Rightly judged, he seemed a stern man, morose to those who estimated him less favourably.Piso M. Crasso et Scribonia genitus, nobilis utrimque, vultu habituque moris antiqui et aestimatione recta severus, deterius interpretantibus tristior habebatur: ea pars morum eius quo suspectior sollicitis adoptanti placebat.
The man is eating bread.Vir panem edit.
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