pronunciation: IPA: /mæn/ /mɑn/ mæn mɛn , SAMPA: /m{n/                

Translations into Latin:

  • vir   
    (Noun  ) (noun   masculine )
    adult male human
    man (adult male)
  • homo     
    (Noun  ) (noun   masculine )
    man (human being)
    An adult human member of the sex that begets young by fertilizing ova.
  • mas   
    (Noun  m) (adjective, noun   masculine )
    adult male human
  • homō   
    man (human being)
    man (adult male)
  • hūmānum   
    man (human being)
  • viri   
    it means man
  • Homo   
  • Homo sapiens   
  • compleo   
    (verb   )
  • conpleo   
    (verb   )
  • humana   
  • humanus   
    (adjective   )

Other meanings:

A piece or token used in board games such as chess.
(collective) All humans collectively; mankind, humankind. Also Man.
(transitive) To supply with staff or crew (of either sex).
A member of the human species.
All human beings.
(polite for) man
An adult male human.
to take up position in order to operate something
A mensch; a person of integrity and honor.
The generic name for a piece used in board games.
(Geordie) Hoo man woman!
(humble) man
to supply with staff or crew
man (a ship)
(transitive) To take up position in order to operate something.
piece in board games
A person, usually male, who is extremely fond of or devoted to a specified type of thing.
An interjection used to place emphasis upon something or someone.
(usu. in compound words) man
A person, often male, with duties or skills associated with a specified thing.
(Geordie) Giv'is a bottle of dog man!
An abstract person; a person of either gender, usually an adult.

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"|A| wise man does not urinate |up| against the wind"vir prudens non contra ventum mingit
a three-man boardtriumvir
another manalius
another man’salienus
bad|wicked manapostata
blessed is the man who finds wisdombeatus homo qui invenit sapientiam
castrated mancastratus
common good of a manbonum commune hominis
coolness|disagreement between man and wifefrigusculum; fribusculum
crafty manarchitecton
cunning manbisbellio; bispellio
doubly married manbinubus
effeminate mancinaedus
every man for himselfproximus egomet mihi
family manconvictor
ferry manportitor
first|leading member|citizen|manprinceps
good|moral|honest|brave manbonus
great manprocer; magnatus; magnas
guilty mancriminosus
half mansemivir
half man and half horsecentaurus
hungry man|personesurio; esuritor
ignorant|uneducated manidiota
illustrious manvir egregius; vir excellens
in manner becoming a manhumaniter
in manner becoming manhumanitus
in manner unworthy of free maninliberaliter; illiberaliter
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is regione caecorum rex est luscus
intermediary between man and goddaemon
Isle of ManMonapia
kept manconcubinus
le manscenomanum
little manhomullus; homuncio; homunculus; salaputium
look-out manproreus; proreta
man |is a| wolf to manhomo homini lupus
man about townscurra
man by manviritim
man employed in the emperor's secretarial bureaumemorialis
man is a bubblehomo bulla
man of fourteenth legionquartadecimamus; quartadecumamus
man of Godvir Dei
man of honorbonus
man of meansredituarius
man of sinAntichristus
man of tenth legiondecumanus; decimanus
man of warvir bellator
man restinganapauomenos
man used to find water sourcesaquilex
man w|fine taste|gourmetdelicia
man who looks after cattlebusequa
man who performs a lewd dancecinaedus
man with broad|bulging foreheadfronto
man with two skinsbispellio; bisbellio
man womanfornicarius; fornicator
married manmaritus
middle manmediator
most-perfect manperfectissimus
No great man ever existed who did not enjoy some portion of divine inspirationNemo igitur vir magnus sine aliquo adflatu divino umquam fuit
of poor manpauper
old mancasnar; casamus; Artemisia abrotanum; vetulus; diptherias; senex
On the word of no mannullius in verba
Treat the Man, not the Diseasehominem non morbum cura
Why the God-Mancur Deus Homo

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His productions are as empty and ephemeral as they are replete with folly. Nothing serious or alarming is to be apprehended from the man who is the betrayer of his own shame and works on the imaginations not of men but of silly women.studia illi ut plena vaecordiae, ita inania et fluxa sunt; nec quicquam grave ac serium ex eo metuas qui suorum ipse flagitiorum proditor non virorum animis sed muliercularum adrepit.
I'm a man.Ego vir sum.
He appointed to it Cneius Piso, a man of violent temper, without an idea of obedience, with indeed a natural arrogance inherited from his father Piso, who in the civil war supported with the most energetic aid against Caesar the reviving faction in Africa, then embraced the cause of Brutus and Cassius, and, when suffered to return, refrained from seeking promotion till, he was actually solicited to accept a consulship offered by Augustus.Pisonem, ingenio violentum et obsequii ignarum, insita ferocia a patre Pisone qui civili bello resurgentis in Africa partis acerrimo ministerio adversus Caesarem iuvit, mox Brutum et Cassium secutus concesso reditu petitione honorum abstinuit, donec ultro ambiretur delatum ab Augusto consulatum accipere.
Caesar, having delayed two days in that place, because he had anticipated that, in the natural course of events, such would be the conduct of Vercingetorix, leaves the army under pretense of raising recruits and cavalry: he places Brutus, a young man, in command of these forces; he gives him instructions that the cavalry should range as extensively as possible in all directions; that he would exert himself not to be absent from the camp longer than three days.At Caesar biduum in his locis moratus, quod haec de Vercingetorige usu ventura opinione praeceperat, per causam supplementi equitatusque cogendi ab exercitu discedit; Brutum adulescentem his copiis praeficit; hunc monet, ut in omnes partes equites quam latissime pervagentur: daturum se operam, ne longius triduo ab castris absit.
Who is the man who was talking with you?Quis est vir qui tecum loquebatur?
Pomponius, a man of refined manners and brilliant genius, bore his adverse fortune with resignation, and outlived Pomponius multa morum elegantia et ingenio inlustri, dum adversam fortunam aequus tolerat, Tiberio superstes fuit.
The man kisses the woman.Vir feminam osculatur.
His days he passed in sleep, his nights in the business and pleasures of life. Indolence had raised him to fame, as energy raises others, and he was reckoned not a debauchee and spendthrift, like most of those who squander their substance, but a man of refined luxury.nam illi dies per somnum, nox officiis et oblectamentis vitae transigebatur; utque alios industria, ita hunc ignavia ad famam protulerat, habebaturque non ganeo et profligator, ut plerique sua haurientium, sed erudito luxu.
The man smells the milk.Vir lac odoratur.
In case of a hostile menace, who would more rightfully confront it by arms than the man who had received the authority and special commission of a governor? And as for rumours, it is best to leave time in which they may die quid hostile ingruat, quem iustius arma oppositurum quam qui legati auctoritatem et propria mandata acceperit? relinquendum etiam rumoribus tempus quo senescant: plerumque innocentis recenti invidiae imparis.
It was also reported that Antonius had urged Scribonianus Crassus, whom an illustrious descent added to the honours of his brother made a conspicuous person, to assume the supreme power; and it was understood that a number of accomplices would not have failed to support him, had not the proposal been rejected by Scribonianus, who was a man not easily to be tempted even by a certainty, and was proportionately apprehensive of ferebatur Antonius Scribonianum Crassum, egregiis maioribus et fraterna imagine fulgentem, ad capessendam rem publicam hortatus, haud defutura consciorum manu, ni Scribonianus abnuisset, ne paratis quidem corrumpi facilis, adeo metuens incerta.
Man proposes, God disposes.Homo prōpōnit, sed Deus dispōnit.
Even Afranius's son, a young man, endeavored, by means of Sulpitius the lieutenant, to make terms for his own and his father's life.Afranii etiam filius adulescens de sua ac parentis sui salute cum Caesare per Sulpicium legatum agebat.
The emperor in the same letter crushed Sextius Paconianus, an ex-praetor, to the great joy of the senators, as he was a daring, mischievous man, who pryed into every person's secrets, and had been the chosen instrument of Sejanus in his treacherous designs against Caius Caesar.isdem litteris Caesar Sextium Paconianum praetorium perculit magno patrum gaudio, audacem maleficum, omnium secreta rimantem delectumque ab Seiano cuius ope dolus G. Caesari pararetur.
Besides his noble birth and refinement of character, Blaesus was a man of resolute loyalty.Blaeso super claritatem natalium et elegantiam morum fidei obstinatio fuit.
The fleet was under the command of Claudius Apollinaris, a man neither firm in his loyalty, nor energetic in his treason. Apinius Tiro, who had filled the office of praetor, and who then happened to be at Minturnae, offered to head the revolt.praeerat classi Claudius Apollinaris, neque fidei constans neque strenuus in perfidia; et Apinius Tiro praetura functus ac tum forte Minturnis agens ducem se defectoribus obtulit.
On this Curtius Montanus met him with a fierce speech, in which he went to the length of asserting, that after the death of Galba, money had been given by Regulus to the murderer of Piso, and that he had even fastened his teeth in the murdered man's head.occurrit truci oratione Curtius Montanus, eo usque progressus ut post caedem Galbae datam interfectori Pisonis pecuniam a Regulo adpetitumque morsu Pisonis caput obiectaret.
There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.Fuit homo missus a Deo; nomen ei erat Iohannes.
And everyone else inveighed against him, as an ill-affected and conceited man, nor did they forget the scandals of his early life.neque ipse deerat adrogantia vocare offensas, nimius commemorandis quae meruisset: alios ut imbellis, Caecinam ut captivum ac dediticium increpat.
Each man's comrades gathered round him; from words they came to blows, and a fierce battle would have broken out, had not two Praetorian cohorts taken the side of the 14th, and given confidence to them, while they intimidated the diu in tantis armatorum odiis quies fuit: Augustae Taurinorum, dum opificem quendam Batavus ut fraudatorem insectatur, legionarius ut hospitem tuetur, sui cuique commilitones adgregati a conviciis ad caedem transiere.
"We are told that Galba, taking hold of Piso's hand, spoke to this effect: ""If I were a private man, and were now adopting you by the Act of the Curiae before the Pontiffs, as our custom is, it would be a high honour to me to introduce into my family a descendant of Cn.""Igitur Galba, adprehensa Pisonis manu, in hunc modum locutus fertur: ""si te privatus lege curiata apud pontifices, ut moris est, adoptarem, et mihi egregium erat Cn."
"When night had put an end to the assault, Iccius, who was then in command of the town, one of the Remi, a man of the highest rank and influence among his people, and one of those who had come to Caesar as embassador [to sue] for peace, sends messengers to him, [to report] ""That, unless assistance were sent to him he could not hold out any longer."""Cum finem oppugnandi nox fecisset, Iccius Remus, summa nobilitate et gratia inter suos, qui tum oppido praeerat, unus ex iis qui legati de pace ad Caesarem venerant, nuntium ad eum mittit, nisi subsidium sibi submittatur, sese diutius sustinere non posse.
He appoints D. Brutus, a young man, over the fleet and those Gallic vessels which he had ordered to be furnished by the Pictones and the Santoni, and the other provinces which remained at peace; and commands him to proceed toward the Veneti, as soon as he could.D. Brutum adulescentem classi Gallicisque navibus, quas ex Pictonibus et Santonis reliquisque pacatis regionibus convenire iusserat, praeficit et, cum primum possit, in Venetos proficisci iubet.
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