pronunciation: IPA: sælˈveɪʃn      

Translations into Latin:

  • salus   
    (Noun  f) (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
  • conservatio   
    (Noun  f) (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
  • salutare   
    (noun   neuter )
  • salvatio   
    (noun   feminine )

Other meanings:

The state of having been saved (from hell).
The process of being restored or made new for the purpose of becoming saved; the process of being rid of the old poor quality conditions and becoming improved.
The act of delivering from sin or saving from evil.
(religion) the process of being saved, the state of having been saved (from hell)

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (3)

election to salvationelectio
of salvationsalutaris
outside the Church |there is| no salvationextra Ecclesiam nulla salus

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