pronunciation: IPA: /sprɪŋ/ sprɪŋ , SAMPA: /sprIN/          

Translations into Latin:

  • ver   
    (Noun  n) (noun   neuter )
  • fons   
    (Noun  m) (noun   masculine )
    water source
  • vēr   
    Traditionally the first of the four seasons, the season of growth with an ever increasing amount of daytime.
  • salire   
  • elater   
    (noun   neuter )
  • catadupa   
  • cataracta   
    (noun   feminine )
  • cresco   
    (verb   )
  • fontanus   
    (adjective   )
  • insulto   
    (verb   )
  • mano   
    (verb   )
  • radix   
    (noun   feminine )
  • saltus   
    (noun   masculine )
  • subnascor   
    (verb   )

Other meanings:

A place where ground water flows naturally from a rock or the soil onto the land surface or into a body of surface water.
To spring away from an impact.
(countable) A place where water emerges from the ground.
higher-than-average tide
(slang) To release or set free, especially from prison.
(countable, slang) An erection of the penis.
body (of hair, noodle, paper, etc.)
device made of flexible material
(countable) Traditionally the first of the four seasons of the year in temperate regions, in which plants spring from the ground and trees come into blossom, following winter and preceding summer.
(countable) Meteorologically, the months of March, April and May in the northern hemisphere (or September, October and November in the southern).
To jump or leap.
rope on a boat
A place where water emerges from the ground.
jump or leap
start to exist
(countable, nautical) A rope attaching the bow of a vessel to the stern-side of the jetty, or vice versa, to stop the vessel from surging.
source of an action
property of a body of springing to its original form
(countable) A mechanical device made of flexible or coiled material that exerts force when it is bent, compressed or stretched.
third month of the lunar calendar
A mechanical device made of flexible material that exerts force when it is bent.
(countable) Spring tide; a tide of greater-than-average range, that is, around the first or third quarter of a lunar month, or around the times of the new or full moon.
(countable) The astronomically delineated period from the moment of vernal equinox, approximately March 20 in the northern hemisphere to the moment of the summer solstice, approximately June 21. (See 15px Spring (season) on Wikipedia.Wikipedia:Spring (season) for other variations.)
(uncountable) The property of a body of springing to its original form after being compressed, stretched, etc.
To start to exist.
spring (e.g. coil, leaf)
(countable) The source of an action

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Example sentences with "spring", translation memory

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Low temperatures kept summits frozen most of the spring.Bassæ temperaturæ alsia columina magna parte veris tenuerunt.
Spring is coming.Ver appropinquat.
It's spring.Ver est.
Spring is the season I like the best.Ver est tempus quod magis mihi placet.
Spring is in the air.Ver est.
One swallow does not a spring make.Ūna hirundo nōn efficit vēr.
The four seasons are: Spring, summer, autumn and winter.Tempora anni sunt quattuor: ver, aestas, autumnus, hiems.
One swallow does not make a spring.Ūna hirundo nōn efficit vēr.
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