Translations into Malay:

  • pengecaman aksara optik 
    The process in which an electronic device examines printed characters on paper and determines their shapes by detecting patterns of dark and light. Once the scanner or reader has determined the shapes, character recognition methods-pattern matching with stored sets of characters-are used to translate the shapes into computer text.

Other meanings:

(computing) The electronic identification and digital encoding of printed or handwritten characters by means of an optical scanner and specialized software.

Example sentences with "optical character recognition", translation memory

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Start the Optical Character Recognition processMulakan proses Pengecaman Aksara Optik
Starting Optical Character Recognition with %Memulakan Pengecaman Aksara Optik dengan %
Optical Character RecognitionPengecaman Aksara Optik
Optical Character RecognitionPengecaman Aksara OptikKCharselect unicode block name
Enter the path to %‧, the optical-character-recognition command line toolMasuk laluan ke % ‧, alat baris arahan pengecaman aksara optik
Cisco-Optical TransportCisco-Optical TransportStencils
MX‧ Cordless Optical MouseMX‧ Tetikus Optik Tanpa Kod
Cordless MouseMan OpticalMouseMan Optik Tanpa Kord
MX‧ Cordless Optical Mouse (‧chMX‧ Tetikus Optik Tanpa Kod (‧ch
Cordless Optical TrackManTrackMan Optik Tanpa Kod
Cisco-Optical AmplifierCisco-Optical AmplifierStencils
Cordless MouseMan Optical (‧chMouseMan Optik (‧ch) Tanpa Kord
Cisco-Optical Services RouterCisco-Optical Services RouterStencils
Cordless Optical MouseTetikus Optik Tanpa Kord
Ferdinand' s visions were in fact an optical illusionPengelihatan Ferdinand sebenarnya hanyalah sebuah ilusi mata
Cordless Optical Mouse (‧chTetikus Optik (‧ch) Tanpa Kord
This list is checked for every outgoing message from the top to the bottom for a charset that contains all required charactersSenarai ini disemak bagi setiap mesej yang keluar, dengan turutan dari atas ke bawah bagi set aksara yang mengandungi semua aksara yang diperlukan
& Remove Quote Characters& Buang Aksara Petikan
Here the characters are listed that you have missed during the typing test. The percentage shows the ratio of how often a key was missed versus how often the key was pressed in total. Large numbers indicate that the key was missed a lotnisbah bagi sering sering inci Besar
The Form Feed Character (\\fAksara Suap Borang (\\ f
Default character encoding on serverPengekodan aksara piawai pada pelayan
Name (minimum ‧ charactersNama (minimum ‧ aksara
Enter passphrase for %‧: Passphrase should include non alphanumeric characters and random sequencesMasukkan frasa laluan untuk % ‧: Frasa laluan hendaklah memasukkan aksara bukan alfaangka dan jujukan rawak
Select CharacterPilih Aksara
KDE character selection utilityUtiliti pemilihan aksara KDE
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