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  • smarkacz   

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(US) Small, paper-wrapped item containing a minute quantity of explosive composition coated on small bits of sand, which explodes noisily when thrown onto a hard surface.
(American football) - the player who snaps the ball to start the play.
(Irish) (slang) A baby (a human baby).
(US) Any of a family of percoid fishes (Lutjanidae), especially the red snapper
(Australian, New Zealand) The fish Chrysophrys auratus , but usually the adult fish of that species, with the young instead called cockney then red bream then squire, before reaching adulthood. (Reference: Australian Fish and How to Catch Them , Richard Allan, 1990, ISBN 1-86302-674-6, page 309. And Snapper entry in An Encyclopedia of New Zealand , 1966 [1])
(US) (informal) snapping turtle
Any of some 100 different species of fish.
(slang) One who takes snaps; a photographer.
snapper (fish)

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snappersryba lucjanowata; lucjan colorado

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I warned you against the snapperPrzestrzegałem cię przed zamawianiem tej ryby
A red snapper!Czerwony Lucjan!
SNAPPER FlLMS PresentsSNAPPER FILMS i Juha Wuolijoki prezentują
Fluorescence snapperFluorescencyjne lucjany!
Fluorescent snapper unexpectedly appear in the shallows, extremely rare at this depthNiespodziewanie, pojawily sie fluorescencyjne Lucjany, niezwykle rzadko spotykane na tej glebokosci
Look at these snappers, will you?Tylko spójrz na te szczęki, co?
Well, I' ve done a lot of different things.I invented this thing called the SnapperRobiłem wiele różnych rzeczy
Look at those snappersSpójrz na te szczęki
Look at those snappers, RalphSpójrz na te szczęki
I just spent $‧ on a hop- on, hop- off Whipper Snapper bus passWłaśnie wydałem ‧$ na bilet sieciowy w Whipper Snapper
Look at those snappers, will you?Spójrz tylko na te szczęki, co?
That' s me and my whipper snappersTo ja i moje maluchy
Snapper (LutjanidaeLucjanowate (Lutjanidae
All in all, a formidable platform for the snooping snapperJednym słowem: marzenie każdego paparazzo
A little red snapper!Od małego czerwonego kraba!
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